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Sunday, March 11, 2007

How many stereotypical anti-breastfeeding statements can you fit in one editorial?

Thomas Beach seems to have managed to include every last one in a piece titled "Nursing mothers don't appeal to everyone" that's been published at Delaware Online.

A few gems...

What used to be acceptable only in Papua, New Guinea or Botswana has now been adopted as the norm by a certain segment of our community.

Yep, cause as you know, breastfeeding is only for those "dirty natives" that you see in National Geographic.

I have heard of a number of cases where women who were nursing insisted on using breast pumps at work and storing the milk in refrigerators provided for employees to keep their lunches.

People don't want their food stored next to your body fluids. In my mind this is no different than storing urine or fecal samples to be taken to a medical lab.

Do you think he's related to Patricia Elam?

My personal favorite started with the following...

Once had a stranger seated next to me on an airplane ask me to help her breast-feed her child.

Wait...what now? HELP breastfeed her child? How does a stranger on a plane help someone breastfeed and what type of mother asks for such a thing? Unless of course Mr . Beach, in his infinite wisdom thought that "excuse me, would you mind if I use the arm rest?" really meant "could you please take hold of my nipple and place it into my baby's mouth?"

The rest of that incident revolves around Mr. Beach recoiling in horror, pitching some fits, threatening legal action and settling down only when the mother headed off to the airplane BATHROOM to nurse.

All is not lost though, at the end of the editorial, Mr. Coach finally comes to his senses...

It's long past time for the silent majority who object to such things to stop being silent. We should insist that everyone observe minimal behavioral norms in public environments.

Ahh...finally...he recognizes and agrees that EVERYONE should observe minimal behavioral norms...you know, like "minding your own business?"

You can share your thoughts in the comment sections at the paper's web site, there are already some nice ones there.

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  1. Blogger Stacie | 6:27 PM |  

    Oh. My. God.

    I think that I can't actually compose a reasonable response to that drivel without suddenly breaking into obscenities that cast aspersions on Mr. Coach's ancestry and intelligence while suggesting a warm, albeit unpleasant, climate to which he might consider removing himself.

  2. Blogger Judy | 10:07 PM |  

    That thing was too stupid for me to become angry.

    I especially enjoyed when he said how easily breastmilk is put into a bottle.

    I wonder when the last time he was milked like a cow.

    Breast pumping is the bane of my existence, well that and lack of sleep.

  3. Blogger Elizabeth | 7:44 AM |  

    This is only minimally related, but did you see the article in USA Weekend yesterday:


    Why should you breastfeed?

    Because it may help avoid bedwetting.

    That's the only reason, apparently.

  4. Blogger Velcromom | 9:46 AM |  

    This guy is a perfect example of the kind of closed mind I don't bother with. I think it's a waste of energy so all I do anymore with these kinds of deliberately ignorant rants is laugh. There's a few good replies to his article, but it's clear from his tale that he doesn't respond to logic or common sense.

    When I get people like that commenting on my site I thank them for reminding me that lactivist work is still needed to prevent people from developing illogical attitudes such as theirs. Maybe I should thank Mr. Coach for his inappropriate display of his personal hangups, he's inspired me to distribute some business cards for my site at my midwife's office today.

  5. Anonymous Anonymous | 10:27 AM |  

    What a jerk. At first I was tempted to just leave it alone, since that kind of ridiculousness doesn't even deserve a response, but then I just couldn't resist getting my 2 cents in. Tee hee!


  6. Blogger Darlene | 9:13 PM |  

    Thanks for pointing out the Delaware article. How does someone with such little sense get so much space? I couldn't resist adding my own 2 cents to the comments there. Here's my reply:

    "I guess you've gotten the message by now that your views are definately not shared by all. In fact, I dare say that your views may be among the most vocal but not in the majority. (news flash: women were given breasts that produce milk waaaaaay before men decided they were private toys)

    I do have a helpful suggestion though, in the spirit of cooperation. There is a nursing cover called Peek-a-Boo B Covers intended for women who prefer to nurse in private (www.caydencreations.com) so that folks with your viewpoint do not stare. Since seeing women breastfeeding is so offensive to you, maybe you and others who are offended by this sight can buy one and keep it with you in places such as airplanes or other places where you cannot get away from the offender. When a mother who is comfortable nursing in public starts to breastfeed, you could offer to save yourself from the awful sight....just put it over your head until she is finished."

    I just couldn't resist!
    Keep on keepin'on, Jennifer, and for sharing these titbits. (oops, sorry...tidbits).

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