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West Virginia Breastfeeding Legislation in the Works

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Friday, January 26, 2007

Well let's be thankful one of us is on the ball this week because until I saw Angela's post, I completely missed the news about the proposed breastfeeding legislation in West Virginia. (Though I did manage to tell you about Indiana and Toronto...so I guess I'll just say Angela and I planned this as a tag-team effort...yeeaaaaah....that's it...tag-team....)

So, head to Breastfeeding 1-2-3 to get the full scoop, though I'll give you a snippet:

Senate Bill 7 would require the establishment of a program to encourage and recognize breastfeeding-friendly employers and would allow breastfeeding mothers to be excused from jury duty. House Bill 2244 is the whole package. It provides the breastfeeding protection described above, it clarifies that a mother breastfeeding a child is not engaging in lewd conduct or violating nudity laws and is entitled to an expectation of privacy, it allows breastfeeding mothers to be excused from jury duty and it establishes the breastfeeding-friendly employer program.


  1. Blogger heidi | 1:20 PM |  

    Thanks for mentioning this! I assumed that because we have such a low rate of nursing moms in WV that I'd encounter some hostility when I nursed in public, but I have only ever been glared at once, by a very old woman at a fast food place who was actually glaring at everyone:)

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