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Breastfeeding Legislation Proposed in Indiana

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Monday, January 22, 2007

Indiana State Senator Vi Simpson has introduced new legislation (Senate Bill 225) aimed at protecting breastfeeding mothers that need to return to work. The legislation would require companies to allow their employees to use break time to express milk and would also require them to provide a refrigerated storage area for that milk.

"The benefits of breastfeeding to infants and moms are widely known," said Simpson. "Allowing working mothers who nurse their babies to use breaks to express milk and to properly store that milk for later consumption is a way we can demonstrate our commitment to the health of Hoosier children."

Only eleven states currently have laws on the books related to breastfeeding and the workplace, so this would push Indiana ahead of most of the country in terms of lactivist progress.

Simpson also sponsored legislation back in 2003 that provided breastfeeding moms with protection from indecency laws. (That bill passed the Senate unanimously.)

If you are an Indiana mom, please consider contacting your local representatives to make sure they know you expect them to back the bill.

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