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Review: Lansinoh Disposable Nursing Pads

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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Most breastfeeding moms have heard of Lansinoh, though for the most part, we tend to associate them with their lanolin ointment. That said, it's well worth taking the time to try out some of their other products. I made good use of their breastmilk freezer bags when I was pumping for Nora (review of them coming up down the road) but since Emmitt was born, I've also become a big fan of their disposable nursing pads. The Lansinoh disposable nursing pads run about $8 for a box of 60 and are touted as being "super-thin" and of having some magical "special polymer" that helps draw the moisture away from your body. So, let's get on with the review...

The Lactivist Says: Love it!

Super thin
Highly absorbent
Individually wrapped

More expensive
Individually wrapped (yes I know I said that under pros too...)

If you recall, the primary issue that I had with the Gerber Nursing Pads was that they were not very absorbent and that what they did absorb still managed to stay wet enough to create a nice little moisture-fest for yeast and bacteria to flourish in. That's really the number one reason that Lansinoh pads are on my "must-have" list for new nursing mothers. These pads hold a TON of liquid and still manage to keep you dry. They remind me of that Luvs commercial where they put the water balloon in the diaper and let the whole thing drain. I've been tempted to measure out some fluid just to see how much they'll hold, but based on sheer weight of the pad when I throw it away, I know that it's at least a couple of ounces.

If you're a leaker like I am (not really what I aspired to be when I grew up...but there you have it) then these are the pads that you need. What makes it even better is that these pads are among the thinnest disposable pads I've seen. They're also much larger in diameter than some of the other disposable pads, which means that even if they shift a little in your bra (I never bother to peel off the sticky that holds them in place) you still aren't going to end up with big old wet spots on your shirt.

Granted, the downside of these pads is that they cost a few dollars more than most of the other ones on the shelf. That said, you've got to consider the whole package. Sure I spend an extra $2 on a box of Lansinoh than I would on a box of Gerber, but I have to use 4-6 sets of Gerber pads a day whereas I can get away just fine with a single set of Lansinoh pads. A good example of getting what you pay for.

So that leaves me with one last issue...the whole "individually wrapped" bit. You'll notice that I listed that under both the pros and the cons. That's mostly because it depends on the situation I'm using them in. I'll fully admit that on a normal day when I'm getting dressed at home, I'm pretty annoyed at having to pull them out of that little plastic wrapper (which means a trip to the nearest trash can) before sliding them in to my nursing bra. That's a definite con simply on the convenience side of things. However...when I'm traveling it's awfully nice to know that my nursing pads are protected from whatever might be lurking in my purse, suitcase or the diaper bag. So it would be nice to have the option of buying them either way...but hey, you can't be too picky, right?


  1. Anonymous Anonymous | 2:05 PM |  

    I agree, these are the best. Avent ones are too bulky and small, and I completely agree about Gerber.

  2. Anonymous N | 11:04 PM |  

    I used the lansinoh cloth pads and loved them. I prefer to avoid disposable items because they are more expensive long term and cause so much waste.

  3. Anonymous Anonymous | 7:46 PM |  

    Trip to the trash can? What about throwing away all that nasty plastic? I was disapointed that Lansinoh, which advertises itself as a company that is good for babies because it supports breastfeeding, does not consider the waste we are leaving for our kids to clean up. Definitely not good for babies. But yeah, I'll get off my high horse and admit they are great pads.

  4. Blogger Jennifer | 7:52 PM |  

    To note...Lansinoh also makes washable breast pads. I'll have a review of them coming up before too long...I just don't do laundry often enough to have worn them much yet. ;)

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