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Gerber Nursing Pad Reviews

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Monday, November 20, 2006

I've decided I'm going to start doing product reviews on the Lactivist. After all, promoting breastfeeding isn't just about organizing lactivist events and sharing stories and advice...it's also about helping moms arms themselves with the best products out there to make life easier. To that end, I'll be reviewing the products that I use or try on my own, but I'll also be doing some reviews of products that have been sent to me for the express purpose of being reviewed. If you'd like to see your product reviewed, feel free to drop me an email to chat about it.

So, my first review is for Gerber's disposable nursing pads. These run about $6.00 for a package of 60 pads and are advertised as being "breathable" and as "drawing moisture away from the skin." I picked up a box a few weeks ago at my local CVS and thought I'd give them a try.

The Lactivist Says: No thanks!

Thin (they don't show through a bra/shirt)

Too small
Does not stay dry

I've gotta tell you, for a company that's synonymous with babies, Gerber needs a few lessons about how to build a nursing pad. My first complaint is that they're simply too small. They're probably about 2/3 the diameter of most other nursing pads that I've tried and since they don't have the peel-off "stick" on the back, they can move around in your bra. Put those two issues together and it's not uncommon to end up leaking into your bra rather than into the nursing pad.

My next complaint is that the pads not only fail to stay dry, but they also fail to hold any amount of fluid what-so-ever. I was using these at about week four of breastfeeding and I found that I would soak completely through a pad every single time I nursed Emmitt. In other words, just the amount that leaked out of one side while nursing on the other was enough to render the pad unusable. Even worse, the pads weren't simply full, they were soaking wet on BOTH sides. That meant that milk often made its way to my bra AND that my nipples were spending their time surrounded by warm, wet pads. NOT a good thing since yeasts just loooooooove warm, wet places.

I worked my way through the entire box simply because I hated to throw them away, but that usually meant that every time I nursed Emmitt I had to run back to the box to get a replacement pad. (On the plus side, that also meant I used them up in a matter of days.)

Sorry Gerber...I think you can do better.


  1. Blogger Judy | 3:05 PM |  

    I shall take them off my registry.

    Any suggestions on some good ones?

  2. Blogger Jennifer | 3:08 PM |  

    Yes, but that would ruin the suspense of my next review. ;) I'll email you my preference.

  3. Blogger Leah | 3:18 PM |  

    I love and adore Lana wool pads. Naturally anti-microbial and SO soft and comfy!

  4. Anonymous the SmockLady | 2:44 PM |  

    I can't ruin you rnext review because I don't know what you are going to review next, but let me just say that the number one best product out there is LilyPadz. They can not be beat. I've tried everything out there. I've nursed all mine and this (who is due today and doesn't want to make his entrance) is number 6! My oldest is 11 years old so I've seen many things come and go.

  5. Anonymous Wendy M | 7:19 PM |  

    I love your blog...

    But I have to add that the Gerber pads were actually my favorites. What I liked is that they didn't stick to my skin, the way some of the others did. Plus they were so thin and discreet!

    After we got through the first couple of weeks, leaking was minimal for me, so they were a good fit.

    I can definitely see, though, that if you are a leaker these pads won't work too well.

  6. Anonymous Colleen | 12:24 PM |  

    I loved Lilypadz too. Couldn't have lived without them. I breastfed for 17 months.

  7. Blogger betsy | 5:20 PM |  

    try the gerber medium or heavy flow pads. I had the same problem w/ the light flow pads (the ones that come 60 per box). The med & heavy flow pads are larger and have a peel-off backing, so they stay put. On the downside, you can't find them at Target or CVS. You can find them at some baby superstores, but I get mine online.

  8. Anonymous Anonymous | 9:39 AM |  

    I can't stand the Ultra Thins either!! If anyone wants mine you can have them! I called Gerber today to complain because this product doesn't work. I typically only leak when I'm nursing, but these pads didn't even absorb the milk it just leaked out onto my bra. The first night I tried them I woke up with a wet bra too. After two uses, I'm done. For a company who specializes in baby products I expected better!

  9. Anonymous Barb | 11:53 AM |  

    I bought these only because I had a coupon and thought I would give them a try...I am halfway through the box in 4 days!! Not a Fan, and will not be buying them in the near future!

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