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Quick! Need Your Vote TODAY!

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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

(Yep, I'm back, but it will be another day or two before I can get a post up on my trip...)

Need you guys to get clicking for me ASAP. I'm headed to NYC in two weeks for a search industry show. One of the vendors at the show throws a charity event every year to raise money for a different non-profit. This year, four of us got to put in our charity of choice and it's up to a vote to see who the event benefits. As you can imagine, I'm promoting HMBANA milk banks.

PLEASE go here and vote for the milk bank. Then send a quick email or throw up a blog post asking others to do the same. Voting ends at midnight tonight, so we've got to work quickly!

Thanks all!


  1. Blogger sadiegoeswest | 1:06 PM |  

    I used to donate to the Mothers Milk Bank in San Jose... 3 years ago. I placed my son for adoption and was sending breastmilk up to his Adoptive parents but ended up having WAY too much for even them... so I donated it. It was a kinda cool experience knowing that some infant or person would be able to have it.

  2. Anonymous dot-mom | 5:16 PM |  

    I'm sorry that I missed this - the HMBANA milk bank is a fantastic cause and one that I supported when I had milk aplenty.

  3. Blogger rccalyn | 7:53 PM |  

    Are you ever coming back? I miss reading your posts!

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