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Finally! I can share the good news!!

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

(no, I'm not pregnant.)

It's been about a week since a few of us found out, but until today's press release, we were sworn to secrecy.

As it turns out, The Mother's Milk Bank of New England WON the $10K prize for January over at Ideablob! Thanks so much to all of you who voted and helped spread the word!

Tanya over at Motherwear got to break the news earlier today.

Nice job everyone! Way to see the community come together!


  1. Blogger Rachel | 8:24 PM |  

    Did you hear that Lissi's Cafe and Play idea won too? :) :) :)

  2. Blogger Erika | 8:59 AM |  

    That's wonderful news! I EP'ed for my daughter until she was 8.5 months old and ended with a 3500+oz stash which I'm working through. Before I stopped pumping I looked into donating, but found nothing local so decided against it. With my next, I hope to BF but since I'll still pump at work I'm hoping to have some extra to donate. Such a worthwhile cause.

  3. Anonymous Jax | 6:08 AM |  

    didn't the other project win as well?

  4. Anonymous Anonymous | 6:57 PM |  

    Thanks wonderful! I'm so glad there are milk banks out there for those who need them.

  5. Blogger Kidazy | 5:54 PM |  

    What awesome news!

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