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An Amazing Pumping Mom

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Sunday, January 20, 2008

I'm honestly not sure I can do justice do this article if I try to add my commentary, so I'm simply going to link you up to an article about one of the most amazing pumping moms I've ever heard of.

(Thanks to Lactivist reader Krista for sending it my way.)


  1. Blogger blair | 7:05 PM |  

    Ok, that is incredibly encouraging. Thank you for sharing that!

  2. Blogger Billy and Michelle | 7:12 PM |  

    Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful story!! She is a hero in my eyes two times over!

  3. Anonymous Jessica | 5:47 AM |  

    That is a truly inspiring story. Now why aren't things like THAT on the news?

  4. Blogger JudyBright | 5:54 AM |  

    I'm gonna play the bad guy here.

    I agree her effort is amazing, but this article also highlights the absurdity of the mothers of young children being in the military. It may work during times of peace, but during times of war? I don't think so.

    The US has a volunteer military, and she volunteered to be half a planet away from her young breastfeeding children.

    Pardon me, but a society where this seems perfectly normal seems a bit out of whack to me.

  5. Blogger Maria | 7:58 AM |  

    I read this story last week and just about cried! For all of the whining I do about pumping, at least I get the "benefit" of snuggling with my baby in the evenings! It takes an incredibly special woman to to exclusively pump! And to do it from so far away...that's extra special!

  6. Blogger Stacy | 10:10 AM |  

    What an awesome story! She is so dedicated to her family and her country. What a hero!

  7. Anonymous LazyK77 | 12:43 PM |  

    She beat me to it. I saw that earlier and was coming over here to ask if you'd seen it. Obviously the answer is yes.

  8. Blogger Heather | 1:25 PM |  

    Maybe it's just the pregnancy hormones, or me wondering how I would cope with be separated from my young child for so long, but this made me sniffle and tear up a bit.

    That's one helluva lady.

    Personally, I'd say that it's a beautiful thing that we are allowed the freedom to make such decisions ourselves. She may have been in the military before getting pregnant, in peace time. She didn't back out of that responsibility.

    I think it's a sign of how wonderful this country can be that she has this option at all.

  9. Blogger Heather | 4:43 AM |  

    I linked to this post in my blog today. What an awe-inspiring story! I was disappointed with some of the comments on the original story, though. Sounds like some people are still living in the stone age!

  10. Blogger Sarah | 11:47 AM |  

    Imagine how comforting this must be to the mom...being able to send, literally, something of herself home for her baby.

    As a bf-ing mom and as a former Army medic (4 years active duty, 2 reserve) I'm very impressed that this is even possible. I'd like to point out that it would only be possible for an officer, and not for an enlisted person who would not have the privacy, autonomy, or cash to do it. The Army is behind the times.

    It's war itself that is absurd, that creates absurd situations for all involved. According to the article, the mom is a doctor, something the Army is in desperate need of. Yes, she is sacrificing a lot, and so is her family. She's probably saving a life a day over there. Sometimes duty is hard. Sometimes sacrifice is REAL. Families with Dad deployed suffer, too. Anyway, I thought this was a beatiful thing in an ugly war. A butterfly in a snowstorm. Thanks.

  11. Blogger a suburban housewife | 2:35 PM |  

    Wow! Just WOW.

  12. Blogger David, Amber and B | 3:01 PM |  

    What an amazing story. As a breastfeeding mother and military member, there are so many difficulties and awkwardness around breastfeeding... but this story makes me realize all my difficulties are nothing compared to what she overcame to keep feeding her son. So inspiring!

    What a hero... to be saving lives halfway around the world from her son and daughter... and providing such an awesome example of service before self for her family and mothers everywhere.

  13. Blogger Darlene | 5:32 PM |  

    OH MY GOSH. Thank you SO much for sharing. I couldn't help but cry. I cried for how beautiful that mother's bond with her child is, for how dedicated she is, and for the perserverance that she and her husband have shown. And I cried for how truly blessed that child is.

    What an inspiration this can be for other mom's, whether they face workplace obstacles or other varieties. I hope this story 'goes viral' so every bf'ing mom has a chance to see it.

    This should be a headline story on every news channel.

  14. Blogger anne | 2:46 PM |  

    i linked to that story
    in my german lactivism blog, too.

    the article is published at january 9. they wrote: "Ginger Bohl returns to her family in a few days." she should be back at home now. are there any news from her? i wonder if they continue nursing.

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