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YouTube Reposts Nursing Mom's Montage

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Monday, December 10, 2007

Last week, I made a post about the fuss being raised over the removal of a breastfeeding video that had been posted to YouTube by the League of Maternal Justice. The video montage featured images of nursing mothers to a soundtrack of "Beautiful" by Christina Aguilera.

Just wanted to make a post saying I had an email from Kristen at LoMJ saying the video had been reposted by YouTube with apologies saying the deletion was a mistake.

Now, was it an honest mistake, or is this a quick response to negative press? There's no way to know. It's odd, because the video was reposted even with the Aguilera music as the soundtrack meaning YouTube reposted a video with a clear (and known) copyright violation.

That makes my gut say the move sounds like a response to negative press. On the other hand, no other breastfeeding videos were removed and some were far more graphic or controversial than this one.

I don't think we'll ever know for sure what happened, but from the sounds of things, breastfeeding videos are just fine with YouTube.


  1. Anonymous Anonymous | 7:18 AM |  

    Actually the Sesame Street video has been recently removed, and I believe there was a Mr. Rogers video as well that was recently removed. However, other Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers videos remain.

    Come to think of it, amid the bazillion Family Guy video clips, the Stewie weaning clips have been pulled too.

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