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When They Learn Things From Someone Else...

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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

One of the most interesting things about having kids is the ideas they bring home with them. While I'm home full time with Nora and Emmitt, they certainly have plenty of outside influences.

They spend an hour and a half in Sunday School each week. They go to Mango's Place (Preschool) two mornings a week. They also now spend some time in the kid's center at the gym three mornings a week. (More on that in another post.)

So every now and then they come home with some new phrases or action that alternately confuses me or cracks me up.

Last week, it was a very mild form of backtalk.

Elnora does this thing where she'll go to the bathroom and then decide she has to go again five minutes later. She's been potty trained for eight or nine months and this "go again" thing comes and goes. (I'd imagine as her bladder grows? or just as she decides to annoy me...)

So last week, this happened again. She'd just gone and she was trying to convince me she had to go again. Now she was confined to the back porch with Emmitt while I was cooking dinner, so of course I figured she just wanted an excuse to get off the porch and come in with me. After quite a bit of pestering, I gave in and took her.

The second I set her on the pot, she started to go. In total seriousness, she looked me in the eye and said:

"Tooooold Yuuuuu!!"

:) Now I have no idea where that came from, but it did crack me up.

Story #2: The mystery jig

Like most kids her age Elnora loves to dance. I generally think nothing of her doing a little dance around the room or even trying to sing. But last Sunday, she really had me confused for a bit.

While she talks up a storm now and can say most any word, she's still VERY hard to understand. That means the first time she says something, it generally takes some figuring to see what she's talking about.

So here's what happened...

I was working on my laptop and she was in the living room hanging out with me. At one point I look over and she's flailing her arms and legs about saying

"ri ha in, ri ha ou"
"laf ha in, laf ha ou"

Then she's spin in a circle while doing the chicken dance and spouting gibberish. Finally she'd clap her hands together and shout "about!"

Yeah, yeah, you're smarter than me and you've already figured it out. That's because I set the story up for you. I promise you, if you'd been here, you would have stared for at least five minutes before realizing she was doing the hokey pokey.

I'll guess she learned it at preschool. Either way, I think adding the chicken dance head bop was probably her idea.

If I get inspired this week, I may try and snag a quick video of her doing it. It's fairly amusing.

So what has your kid come home from school/church/friend's house/daycare with?

(Because seriously? I know none of you are working this week anyway...so spend a bit of time sharing a good story with the rest of us!)


  1. Blogger Sarahbear | 6:21 AM |  

    That's so cute!

    My 5 year old son came into my bedroom the other day, with an assortment of clothing he'd put on. None of it matched but he was proud. He said 'does this look cute?'

    I just looked at him and then looked at my husband and asked 'where did he get that?'. Then we were watching Spongebob later that day and heard him say the same thing.

    Also, my 3 and 5 year old sons had started putting their hands on the backs of their heads and wiggling their bottoms while singing 'bow chicka wow wow, chicka wow wow.' I already knew they picked this up from seeing the preview for Alvin and the Chipmunks but my husband looked shocked. 'What it the world?!' Then I showed him the preview and he laughed so hard. I think my 5 year old got into trouble at school for doing the dance in line at the bathroom.

  2. Anonymous Scarlett | 6:57 AM |  

    When my son was small he told me that "these things" (as he showed me his testicles) were for his penis to rest on when it got tired...

  3. Blogger Jennifer Laycock | 7:06 AM |  

    Scarlette, if I had been drinking, I would have made a mess when I read that! Can't wait to tell it to Greg. ;)

  4. Blogger Kathie | 8:13 AM |  

    Well, my son comes home with knowledge about SpongeBob squarepants almost every week. Another child in his child care LOVES SpongeBob, but my ds calls him Fungebob and corrects you if you say SPONGEbob.

    We've never watched Spongebob, so it amazes me how much he knows about him.

  5. Anonymous misty | 10:03 AM |  

    My eight year old son Noah came home from school yesterday with a new rendition of a school yard taunt. Noah attends a private Christian school, and we like to think that the talk at recess is somewhat well monitored- but the teacher is only human. I should preface this by saying that Noah has just learned about the facts of life. Here's Noah's new song as taught to him by a classmate:
    Bobby and Cindy sittin' in a tree
    First comes love, then comes marriage, then there's sex, and then a baby carriage.
    I explained to Noah that while accurate, his song is not appropriate for public performance.
    Yikes- the things they learn at school. The toughest part was trying to hold back my hysterical laughter. If Noah gets a laugh out of you he's much more likely to repeat what he's just said. Ah, the joys of motherhood!

  6. Anonymous Vanessa | 4:40 PM |  

    My daughter is 1 1/2 and came home from MDO saying "dod is date....AMEN!!" (God is Great, Amen)
    They'd been teaching them to say their prayers before eating lunch. And of course then I felt like a horrible mother because I hadn't already taught her that. :)

  7. Blogger Jennifer Laycock | 4:45 PM |  

    LOL Vanessa!

    Nora does that to me sometimes when I put her to bed at night.

    "Mommy, me pray!"

    Me thinking (oops) while saying "yes Nora, that's a great idea!"

  8. Anonymous Anonymous | 11:14 AM |  

    while my son isn't nearly old enough to say adorable things like the above, i've certainly done a lot of babysitting for my niece and nephew as they grew.

    there was one day that my nephew came running up to me with one of his testicles in his hand trying to pull it up to my level to show me, and said "feel!! it's a ball!"
    i pursed my lips together holding back my hysterical laughter building up, and said. "uh huh. i see that. now put it away okay?" what is it with little boys and their junk??? although i don't think they ever outgrow it.

    my mom told me that i used to say to her "you no say me 'no', you say me 'yes ma'am'" when she told me "no" when i wanted something.

  9. Anonymous Marica | 12:25 PM |  

    My 2 1/2 year old niece was with my sister and I at Target yesterday and said "I want cock", "I love cock" really loud. She wanted the Mickey Mouse clock, very embarrasing for us :)

  10. Blogger Renata | 11:41 AM |  

    Once my 5 y.o. slipped over and although I was glad he wasn't hurt, I warned him of not "riding" his legos on the hardwood floor because he could brake a bone or something. I then proceeded to tell him that his grandma had broken her ankle once and it really hurt. Sometime the next day, while running errands, my 3 year old asks with a concerned voice, "Why did she break her uncle?"

    I also had to comment on Spongebob. We don't watch it either but because his image is plastered everywhere, my kids know who he is -- well actually they call him Cheese Boy.

  11. Anonymous Abby | 9:00 AM |  

    Nour loves to watch Dora and Diego, and they speak a lot of spanish, of course.
    This morning she was in the bathroom saying "tastico!" over and over. Except that's not exactly what it sounded like after the 10th time. I gently corrected her with "FAN-tastico" and she pointed at the light switch and said "that's the fantastico!" (The fan)
    I have to admit, it was pretty funny.

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