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Ok, This is Cool!

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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I'm not generally a video game person. We had an old PS One I got for Greg a few years ago (after PS2 came out) and Greg has an old Sega Dreamcast he bought on eBay.

But last month, I decided to go ahead and get Greg a Wii for his birthday. My cousin has one and we'd played it a few times and I was impressed with how much activity is involved. (I went home and woke up completely sore the next day.) We don't have any real games for it yet, just the basic ones that come with it and the "WiiPlay" add on pack we got with the second controller.

But then I saw THIS.

Now I finally see a game I want. :)


  1. Anonymous Debby | 7:11 PM |  

    Woah! Suh-weet! We just got the Wii a couple weeks ago. It's still sitting in our closet in its box since it's a Christmas present for all of us, we decided to not open it until then. (VERY VERY HARD to leave it alone!!) So far we've gotten WiiPlay, Cars (for the kids), Mario and Sonic Olympics, and Sports. I really want to also get DDR but have to wait until after Christmas when I get some $$ from my grandmother. :-) This one looks like a real good one though too!!

  2. Blogger Dana | 7:22 PM |  

    We have a Wii as well and haven't used in a while. But this definitely looks like something I would like. My husband will definitely get it for me if I ask.

  3. Anonymous Anonymous | 8:24 PM |  

    Ravin' Rabbids is fun to play, ravin rabbids 2 came out so i got that for my husband for christmas. and we have guitar hero for the wii. I enjoy that one.

    i'll have to tell my husband about this. that looks really fun!

  4. Blogger Kathie | 8:08 AM |  

    That looks very cool. I've been into the game "fitness" thing for a while now. For the nintendo game cube, I got a dance pad and the mario game to go with it. It's good exercise, for anyone who doesn't yet have a Wii but does have a game cube.

    I also have a fitness program on my computer. It's a bit advanced for me, but it looks more like the WiiFit, as it keeps track of progress (so does the Game Cube game) and lets you set goals. I can't remember it's name right now.

    I want a Wii! They are all sold out right now in my area, and since I'm tired and pregnant I'm not willing to stand outside Best Buy at 7am for two hours, YET. Maybe after Christmas.

  5. Blogger Jennifer Laycock | 8:22 AM |  

    Yep, I had to get Greg's on ebay. Thankfully that was more than a month ago before the prices went through the roof. I still paid more than retail, but I didn't have to sign over a mortgage check like people appear to be doing now.

    My publisher actually took his laptop and sat in Gamestop during school hours for three days straight waiting for one to be delivered. When the shipment came, there was ONE Wii in it. Thankfully, the store manager remembered he'd been there and said "that guy gets it."

    I'm remembering why we've never had a "cutting edge" game system before. :) The few we've had were always bought second hand several years after they were released.

  6. Blogger JudyBright | 1:45 PM |  

    Thou shalt not covet Thou shalt not covet Thou shalt not covet....

    The DDR Mario game for the Gamecube is going for about $150 on eBay since Nintendo quit making it.

    I also need to get the arthritis in my neck under control. DDR kills my neck.

  7. Blogger sara | 6:34 PM |  

    I agree that Wii Fit looks great! It's out in Japan now so you can find some 'in the wild' videos on YouTube.

    I've had my Wii since May or so (haven't turned on the TV since then, but not sure if being addicted to Zelda is better than TV!). Now my bf decides he has to send one to his parents and their grandkids for Christmas. I hope they don't mind if it's late.

  8. Anonymous Debby | 7:30 PM |  

    We just got ours the week after Christmas. I, too, refused to stand in line for hours for a game system. We saw people standing in line at Meijer at 9pm on Black Friday just to be there in time for the Saturday 6am "opening" (even though it's a 24 hour store) when the new Wii's would be put out. 9pm the night BEFORE. Nuts.

    I just called around the GameStop's in town, and of course they were all out, but then we came across one that we never knew existed, in a REALLY BAD part of town. The guy there said that they still had a couple left that Friday night until about 8pm, and that they would be getting a new shipment in that week. I called on Wednesday to see if any had come in yet, and he said TWO had, so I bundled up the kids and headed down into the ghetto part of town to get our Wii. I didn't mind going at 10am -- but the cashier still double bagged it for me, since he said, "After all, this is [the street name]" That made me feel warm and fuzzy. But I was just glad I got it without hardly any trouble, and for the normal price. The price on Ebay was at least twice retail.

  9. Blogger Alena | 7:59 PM |  

    This does look pretty cool, but it's also a little sad. Makes me think - what's next? WiiSex? Select your partner and go at it!

  10. Blogger Casey | 9:09 PM |  

    I'm hoping that I dropped enough hints to see WiiFit under the Christmas tree this year.

  11. Blogger Jennifer Laycock | 1:05 PM |  

    I dunno Casey. It doesn't come out in the U.S. until next year, so unless you live in Japan, you may be out of luck.

  12. Anonymous Marica | 12:31 PM |  

    Love the Wii, the game Rayman is great for adults! We are addicted to it! You shoot toilet plungers at bunnies, seriously, a whole lot of fun. You have physical challenges that you have do to at each level.

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