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Man! We Must Have the Worst Immune Systems...

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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Sorry for the silence. Hope you all had wonderful Christmas, Chanukah and Kwanza seasons. (We did!)

Emmitt is now on cefdinir AGAIN. Eye drops too. Nasty sinus infection that came to a head on Christmas Eve. He's doing better, but still sick.

Elnora got it a few days later. Had to take her to Urgent Care Friday night. She's on cefdinir and eye drops as well. Same thing Emmitt has.

Then it got me. I had to go in this morning after my head cold got so bad I woke up at 2am to splitting ear pain. Spent the rest of the night laying on a hot pad and sure enough, I've got a bad ear infection and a nasty sinus infection. So now I'm on antibiotics as well. (And have spent the last 24 hours with my head wrapped in a heating pad.)

So far, Greg's ok.

Family is here, so they're helping with the kids and letting me crash on the couch.

Man I hope we kick it for good this time. This whole "all sick, all the time" thing is getting a little old...


  1. Anonymous Anonymous | 5:31 PM |  

    ugh, that sounds awful. I hope you all feel better soon!

  2. Anonymous Anonymous | 6:34 PM |  

    Sorry to hear of the sickies getting a grip on your house! Not fun. A couple years ago, we all spent, literally, from November through to about April sick. My daughter got mono and then we all joined her. Everyone, that is, except for Phil. I guess it's good, that the person bringing home the majority of the $$ is the one staying healthy... not that mom gets to lay on the couch and actually BE sick when she's sick. Oh noooo.

  3. Blogger Anna | 9:48 PM |  

    Ugh - sorry to hear you guys are all so sick. It's no fun at all when the kids and the mom are sick at the same time. Glad to hear you have family around to help out, and hopefully you're all on the road to recovery!

  4. Anonymous Anonymous | 7:39 AM |  

    Jen - please please please go out and get some PRObiotics from GNC or your other local health food store (the higher the CFU # the better). We have been passing around a sore throat and cold for about 3 weeks now, but it lasts a few days and we get better. Both my husband and son have had a round of zithromax, but because I had already been taking probiotics it just kind of taunts me for a couple days and them leaves. It even comes in liquid form for the kiddies - but check with the doc first (I have to say that but really all it is is a higher concentration of YOGURT!).

  5. Blogger Jennifer Laycock | 8:08 AM |  


    You know, I was surprised (but pleased) when my kid's ped suggested that very thing when we went in with the first round of ear infections and such in November.

    His main reason was to counteract the strong antibiotics we eventually had to use for Emmitt's ear infection. He stressed how important it was to rebuild the good bacteria in the digestive system and to stave off future attacks.

    I need to get out and get some more Kefir. My kids love that stuff and it's FULL of great cultures.

  6. Blogger Unknown | 6:20 PM |  

    I've been reading a lot that Omega-3 (and 6) - found in flaxseed oil and fish/cod liver oil really boost the immune system.
    I was pleasantly surprised to know that because my son and I have been taking cod liver oil (my son was getting it through my breastmilk initially) because I thought it was great for our skin. LOL

    Superimmunity for Kids by Leo Galland is a pretty interesting read if you'd care to check it out. :)

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