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A Good One from Baby Blues

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Monday, December 10, 2007

Had to laugh at this Baby Blues comic in the Washington Post today.

(Thanks to Lactivist reader Jennifer M. for emailing it to me.)


  1. Anonymous Anonymous | 6:24 PM |  

    Lol, gotta love that bonding aspect.

  2. Blogger K | 7:06 PM |  

    I laughed at first too. And then as a formula feeding mom I realized I could have done the same thing. Bottles, squirt too!

    Or, damnit, the stinkin' husband could have just fed the kid.

    Guess, I got a bit ornery because now I read it and I just think the mom is being kind of a stuck up byotch.

    One should not read the same cartoon more than once. The funny dies.

  3. Blogger Jennifer Laycock | 8:08 PM |  

    LOL. I'm with you.

    I laughed out loud at the second panel, but on the third panel, I kept thinking "you could have come up with a funnier line that didn't slam someone else."

    So I simply keep the image of the second panel in my mind and laugh at it. :)

    I could get some serious distance, but I never could have pulled off the accuracy...

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