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Toddler Speak

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A little levity to add in to the heavy-duty "what's a lactivist" debate.

Elnora is talking up a storm these days. I still can't always understand her and she's probably a good six months to a year behind where she should be for her age, but she's making good progress.

Kids always seem to have their own unique ways of describing things, so I thought it might be fun to share two of Nora's requests that keep me entertained.

Right now, her favorite foods are:

"Cheeseburger, no meatball." (Confused? She wants a hamburger bun with ketchup on it.)

"Kay-Deeya, no cheese." (Quesadilla, no filling, not cooked. In other words, she wants a plain flour tortilla.)

So tell me, what strange things do your kids request?


  1. Blogger Billy and Michelle | 10:05 PM |  

    My daughter always wants "Tator Tots" when we go to Sonic, but what she really wants is a grilled cheese sandwich! I guess she always hears me order a grilled cheese kids meal with tator tots, but the tots are for me!

  2. Blogger Mademoiselle Oulla | 10:58 AM |  

    My 21-month-old daughter always asks for "side" which her her way of asking to nurse. I can only surmise that she got that from me saying, "Do you want the other side now?"

    But she also likes cheese a lot, so I guess I should take it as a compliment when, after nursing once recently, she looked at my breast and then up at me and said, "Mmm, cheese!"

  3. Anonymous Anonymous | 1:03 PM |  

    For lunch today my 3 1/2 year old son requested "peanut butter and honey on a pita, cut in 4 stripes, with a prune beside it". I've learned that failure to cut the sandwich as requested will result in his refusal to eat. And I don't know where the prune request came from.

  4. Anonymous Strawberry | 4:09 PM |  

    My ex-boyfriend's son used to ask for "Toast... but don't cook it!" Of course,he wanted bread.

  5. Anonymous Abby | 6:43 AM |  

    We are fast-food addicts, and so Nour got addicted to french fries at about 14 months. She used to call them "Fries-eyes."
    Turkey in a tortilla was called a "turkey loll-up"
    Her current favorite food is "mac n cheese"

  6. Blogger Renata | 3:03 PM |  

    Once we were trying to plan out our meals. We asked our 4 year old what his favorite vegetable was. He said, "lima beans". Immediately, his 2 year old brother chimed in, "My favorite is jelly beans"

  7. Blogger Anna | 2:59 PM |  

    Jonny and Gracie like their eggs either scrambled or "with sunshine." Translation: over-medium.

    One day I asked Jonny how he wanted his eggs and he said "scrambled with cheese and hot sauce on top." I have *no* idea where he got that from! He was about 3.5yrs at the time.

    Levi calls all food and beverages "snack," and he points to the exact location on his try where he'd like you to put it.

    Jonny and Gracie also have amusing names for the restaurants we go to:

    Tim Horton's = "The Donut Place"
    Panera = "The Muffie Place"
    Texas Roadhouse = "The Peanut Place"
    Japanese Steakhouse = "The Place With Fire"
    Casa Fiesta = "The Place With Chips"

  8. Blogger Jennifer Laycock | 3:16 PM |  

    LOL! We just went to "the place with fire" yesterday for lunch. Mmmmmm boy! (we left the kids with my folks though.)

  9. Blogger Sarahbear | 9:32 PM |  

    My kids ask for "chocolate milk and chocolate/strawberry/vanilla rabbit" (Nesquik has a rabbit on the bottle). They also ask for "P butter and jehwy" (PB&J).

    This is semi-on topic: My 5 year old told my husband that if he didn't fix him some goldfish that "Mommy is going to unlove you and you can't be married anymore because it will break her heart".

  10. Anonymous Jessica | 8:52 AM |  

    Evan wants "bears with balls on top" every morning for breakfast on the ride to the babysitters. Translation: a cup of Kix cereal with a few chocolate and oatmeal Teddy Grahams hiding at the bottom. We went thru a solid week of morning meltdowns because he wanted bears for breakfast before I learned that he'll eat whatever kind of 'good for you' cereal I put on top. (Kix are kid tested... mother approved!)

    Sunday raisins... Sunmaid raisins.
    Squares... saltine crackers.
    Orange squares... peanut butter & cheese crackers.
    Circles with holes... Ritz crackers.
    A frozen... ice cream sandwich.

  11. Blogger Lee Laughlin | 6:32 PM |  

    My daughter wanted a cheeseburger without meat. Many a waitress looked utterly puzzled. We were finally able to convince her that what she really wanted was a grilled cheese.
    Timmy, he just likes "ooodles" aka elbow macaroni.

  12. Blogger Rob | 9:06 AM |  

    In Canada, we have a chain of doughnut shops called Tim Horton's (actually, it's now "Tim Hortons" without the apostrophe since it was bought out by Wendy's... or is it "Wendys"). At T-ho's, the doughnut hole is sold back to us in the form of what is popularly known as the "Tim bit" - a spherical glob of lardy goodness. Daughter Maya is obsessed with them. If we drive by a Horton's, it's "beet! beet! beet!". Admitedly, I often think the same thing even when she's not in the car with me. She provides the basis for many a Horton's run.

  13. Blogger Jennifer Laycock | 10:20 AM |  

    Those of us in central Ohio know the draw of the Timbit well.

    When Wendy's bought them, they decided to put a Timbits in every 100 yards or so throughout the area. We have more Tim Hortons than we do Taco Bell or Arby's. In some areas, they even give Burger King and McDonald's a run for their money.

    Elnora actually feasted on a few "honey dip" Timbits this morning for breakfast. :)

  14. Blogger Rob | 11:04 AM |  

    I had no idea that Tim's was in the States. I assumed you were Krispy Kreme/Dunkin' Donuts country down there. I actually grew up in Oakville Ontario, where the head office of Tim's was situated in Canada. Maya comes by her love of the bit honestly.

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