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A Lactivist Meetup?

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I'm noticing more and more posters (and emails) from Lactivist readers in the central Ohio area. With that in mind, and seeing just how strong a community we're building here. I'm wondering if my local readers might be interested in a monthly meet-up.

I had a great time meeting quite a few of you at least spring's Lactivist Bash and quite honestly, I don't feel like waiting until next spring to do it again.

So here's what I propose.

I'd love to see two once a month meetings.

1.) A "Just Moms" lunch. On either December 11th or 13th, at least two other moms and I are going to meet up for lunch at the Northstar Cafe in Clintonville. We're doing it "kid-free" to have a chance to talk without worrying about our munchkins. (They're both WOTH moms, while I'll be dropping my kids at Mango's Place.) We're certainly not opposed to moms bringing young nurslings who can't be left yet, but it would be nice to try and keep this meet up a grown-up thing so we can focus on the conversation.

Besides, I never get to have lunch with women friends without my kids around. I need some adult conversation!

2. A family fun thing. This one would be akin to a play group meeting. We'd likely pick a public spot where we can keep an eye on the kids and grab a bite to eat, but the goal here would be to get the kids and the parents together. Moms and dads would both be welcome along with kids of all ages. Basically, a great chance for the kids to get some interaction and to see if there's interest in doing a regular "play-group."

I'm also interested in seeing if readers in other parts of the country might want to meet up with other readers. This place seems to be a good collection of moms who are a little different. ;) Some might even call us "weird." ;)

I've tried LLL, church groups and a few other "mom" groups and none of them have really "worked" for me. The people were all nice enough, but I just don't play well with the average mom. I'm either too crunchy or not crunchy enough. Maybe you're also looking for a group of "good enough" moms to hang out with. Maybe you just want to see if I use air quotes as often as I use typed quotes. Either way...any interest?

If you're local, let us know. If you aren't local, but you'd be up for meeting up with other readers in your area, make a post with your city (or general location.) I'll compile lists to see where there are multiple readers and we'll see if there are any volunteers to organize them.

It could be fun...


  1. Blogger JudyBright | 9:30 PM |  

    HI! I'm local.

    Also, our church has a playland that would be great for playdates during the winter.

  2. Anonymous Megan | 4:37 AM |  

    I find myself in much the same predicament of finding a good group of Moms to hook up with. I live in Western Massachusetts. Anyone else?

  3. Anonymous ImpostorMom | 5:31 AM |  

    I wouldn't mind participating in something locally. I like to think I'm only slightly crunchy as well. :P

    I'm in Athens, GA.

  4. Blogger The Curries | 6:47 AM |  

    Woo hoo! I'd love to bop on over from Dayton to hook up with you all. :) Unfortunately, while I rarely work during the day, I have to work both the 11th and the 13th. :( But I'll email you sometime, I'd love to hear about other meet-ups. Yay!

  5. Blogger Carole | 7:49 AM |  

    I'm in Dallas, and I'd love to find some other "slightly crunchy" moms to hang out with! : )

  6. Blogger Ahmie | 7:59 AM |  

    seeing as we just got a brand new minivan so the trip isn't terrifying in our old one anymore, we could bop down from Cleveland for a family playdate potentially (no way I'm making a 2+hr drive with two little fussy butts alone for lunch, sorry). I'd be interested in meeting other Cleveland-area families who read your blog too (tho I'm already pretty well connected up here, I'd be more likely inviting a few more to the party, so to speak - I'm in a local online AP group, connected with other similarly minded moms at church, AND in the early childhood PTA, plus my town has an "alternative parenting" group that I keep trying to get myself to).

    When are you thinking of having the playdate? after the holidays or before?

  7. Anonymous erika | 9:44 AM |  

    savannah, ga =]

  8. Blogger Alena | 2:04 PM |  

    I'm in Boston!

  9. Blogger Cairo Mama | 7:39 PM |  

    Erie, PA for the next two months. I couldn't be a regular, but I could come for a kids-included event. We are veteran travelers.

  10. Anonymous trina | 9:21 PM |  

    I'm in Columbus and would like to do the playdate! I'm also slightly crunchy...would like to meet up with a few others who might vary from the "norm" on the spectrum!

  11. Blogger Hartfelt Expressions | 9:30 PM |  

    oklahoma city, ok

  12. Anonymous Kris | 5:28 AM |  

    Anyone near Los Angeles? I'd love to meet some "slightly crunchy" moms around here :)

  13. Anonymous Debby | 11:10 AM |  

    Yep - let me know! We homeschool in the mornings, so I normally can't get out until lunch time (not that I can't rearrange our schedule, but it's best for our sanity and habits if we don't!) I can't afford Mango's Place though, so I could just meet up at the one with kids.

  14. Anonymous Abby | 11:33 AM |  

    I'm all for it! Let me know where and when. Family or moms either way!

  15. Anonymous Anonymous | 6:17 PM |  

    wish i lived in ohio! but northern va- metro dc area anyone? - Brenda

  16. Blogger Kathryn | 8:59 PM |  

    I just moved to Oklahoma City last week. I see someone else is here.

  17. Blogger Amanda | 2:17 PM |  

    bummer, just went back to work, but I would drive from Cleveland area to a playgroup-ish thing. Hi Ahmie! :)

  18. Anonymous yogamom | 11:51 AM |  

    I'm in Milwaukee, WI.

  19. Anonymous Karen | 6:44 PM |  

    Count me in! I'm in Worthington Ohio with a 4 year-old boy and 11 week old girl.


  20. Anonymous jessica | 5:30 AM |  

    I'd love a family fun day!

    (Jessica, Mom of Natalya, AKA, Captain Destructo, age 13 months)

  21. Anonymous Marica | 8:36 PM |  

    I'm in the Gahanna area, would love to do the playdate thing :) Let us know where/when you are thinking...

  22. Blogger Kristin | 7:03 AM |  

    I'm in Allen, TX, just north of Dallas. I just moved here and don't know anyone yet and am looking for someone slightly crunchy to hang with. Does that sound like a personal add, or what? I'd like to get in touch with Carole from Dallas, but blogger is giving me issues...

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