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Cross Feeding or Cross Nursing Documentary

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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Hey guys!

Still buried here. (Emmitt has gotten four molars and three other teeth in three weeks and it's looking like the rest may bust through in the next week or so. Nothing like going from 8 teeth to all of them in a month to make a kid cranky as all get out.)

I've had two emails in the last two weeks from folks working on documentaries about breastfeeding. One is specifically about wet nursing and cross feeding, the other is simply looking to do a segment on it. Both are looking for people who have shared breast milk with others (informally, not via a milk bank) and who have nursed other babies. One is also looking to find a mom who has served as a paid wet nurse.

If any of my readers fit the bill and are open to speaking with the film crews (both are UK based, but will speak with moms outside the UK), please drop me an email with your contact information (email or phone) and I'll pass it along.


  1. Blogger Cairo Mama | 9:40 AM |  

    I think Ian (he's 14 months old) is getting his molars. Just as I said to someone,"He hasn't really had much problem with teething...." The drooling waterworks turned on and he has been a bit cranky and needy. Still, not that bad. Knock on wood.

    Hope Emmitt feels better soon.

  2. Blogger Renata | 6:14 PM |  

    I've been going through it too, so I know how you feel. Because she didn't have much of an appetite because of this, I started thinking along the lines of giving her a nutritional supplement, such as pediasure. Then I realized, "duh, I'm giving her breastmilk! What could be better than that?"

  3. Blogger Kidazy | 12:57 PM |  

    Aww teething is rough, I hope the little one feels back to his normal self soon!

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