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Be Careful What You Say...

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Sunday, November 18, 2007

I've been warned by many a parent of the need to watch what you say. Children are great mimics and the one and only time you blurt out #%@$@, they're bound to say it at the top of their lungs the next time you go to church.

What I hadn't considered was how literally they might take what you say.

This weekend we went to stay with Greg's parents for a visit. On Saturday afternoon the kids and I were in their living room with his grandmother. The Ohio State / Michigan game was on and being an OSU alum, it's obvious who I was rooting for.

If you hadn't imagined, I'm a fairly passionate person. In football season, that translates to "she-who-shouts-at-TV."

At one point during the game, the kids were playing on the floor with some wooden blocks. I was sitting near them in the recliner. Michigan had the ball and one of their running backs was working his way past some of our defense. OSU just was NOT getting the job done.

As he was picking his way through I shouted "Hit him! HIT him! HIT HIM!!!!"

A few seconds later, Greg's grandma started laughing. Apparently, when I shouted that, Elnora gave me a funny look and then slugged Emmitt.


He didn't cry. I don't think she hit him very hard. And of course I couldn't really yell at her. She did what she thought I was telling her to do. :)

You can imagine how silly I felt trying to explain to a three year old that mommy was just yelling at the men on the TV (who couldn't hear her anyway) and she didn't REALLY mean that Nora should hit Emmitt.

Ahh...the lessons we learn.

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  1. Anonymous Holly | 7:09 PM |  

    that's hilarious! Elnora must have thought mommy had gone a little crazy :)

  2. Blogger Ahmie | 7:26 PM |  


    Reminds me of my conversation with Liam on Mother's Day this year (just before his 3rd birthday) that concluded with his line: "Fine. *sigh* Me no play penis church. Me only play penis home." (That being the compromise instead of having a show and tell incident).

    Poor Nora, probably so confused by the behavior of her mama LOL she'll think it's funny some day and Emmitt will hopefully not associate that particular scar on his forehead with this particular incident (KIDDING!!)

  3. Blogger Crunchy Domestic Goddess | 8:17 PM |  

    rofl - hilarious!

  4. Blogger JudyBright | 8:21 PM |  

    Catie's not old enough to follow directions, but she's old enough to think I'm a little goofy when I watch football.

    I screamed at the tv today at the end of the Browns game, and she looked at me and then yelled too.

    I'm glad she's not the scared easily type.

  5. Anonymous Mary Jo | 6:51 AM |  

    You know what's sad? My son (3) is now immune to people yelling at the TV. We were watching a Bears game a few weeks ago and they scored (yes, a rare occasion this season). All of us (about 6 adults) started cheering, and DS just kept playing on the floor in the midst of it all. Apparently, he's so used to it that it no longer even warrants looking up!

  6. Anonymous Strawberry | 8:44 AM |  

    I'm having trouble following this story... A child who *follows instructions*??? Surely there's no such thing! ;)

  7. Blogger Amy | 11:18 PM |  

    chuckle ... chuckle ... guffaw ...

    *trying to stop laughing long enough to type*

    My daughter, on the other hand, yells at the TV right along with us--only she doesn't generally know who has the ball. Our quarterback will just have shot a brilliant spiral through the air and she starts chanting "Defense! Defense!"

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