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When One Trip Blends Into Another...

Looking for The Lactivist? She's retired. But you CAN still find Jen blogging. These days, she's runs A Flexible Life. Join her for life, recipes, projects and the occasional rant.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

As you guys know, I just came home from Boston a week ago this past Thursday. At the time, I thought I had two weeks before my next trip. I was wrong.

Emmitt and I head to San Jose tomorrow on a 6am flight. (yeegads!) That gave me all of 9 days at home to try and catch up on missed work, work ahead for missed work, spend time with family, do laundry, feed the hogs, water the chickens, etc...etc...

So, it's been a short week here and I still owe you guys quite a few posts. I'll do my best to get some updates posted from San Jose.

In the meantime, here's the super-fast rundown on what's going through my mind...

1.) Had lunch with Motherwear blogger Tanya in Boston. Great time, have pics, will post!

2.) Volunteered to bump from our Boston flight for "a later flight" so a baseball team could all travel together to a game. We missed our connection and got stuck in Boston an extra night. That team better have won.

3.) I'm hearing TONS on custody cases with breastfeeding moms. Judges ordering weaning, moms refusing visitation, dads being unreasonable and all sorts of "can't we all just get along" stuff. There's a lot going through my head on this matter and as soon as I have a moment to collect my thoughts, I'll share them with you.

4.) We're coming up on eleven months of breastfeeding here in our household. Not bad considering I hadn't even planned on breastfeeding (was going to EP) until a month before he was born. I'll share my thoughts on the ups and downs of nursing an eleven month old that STILL won't take a bottle/sippy and STILL doesn't sleep through the night.

5.) I found bento supplies in Columbus, Ohio! (Boston too!) For all you bento addicts out there, I'll post some info on what I found and will also give you guys the first scoop on how to get free bento gear from me. (Oh yeah, you heard me!)

6.) Yo Gabba Gabba still freaks me out, but now it's because I think the folks drinking the Yo Gabba Gabba Kool-aid are hitting the net to defend their show. ;) (Check out the comments section folks...tell me that's all random?)

7.) I've got a new car, Greg's got a new car and we still haven't gotten rid of my old one and we have no plans of getting rid of Greg's truck. Add in my parents car, as they're visiting and my driveway looks like a parking lot.

8.) My flight tomorrow routes through Houston, Texas where we'll be joined by Robert, my publisher. This will be the first time I've ever met him (or even seen what he looks like.) I've worked for him for more than three years and count him as one of my closest friends. Here's hoping we don't drive each other crazy in person.

So sorry things have been clipped here, but as you can see, summer is rocketing toward an end.

I for one look forward to Labor Day and the relative peace that usually follows it.


  1. Blogger Bobbi Lynn | 10:55 AM |  

    Delurking to say welcome to my city! :) It's fun to know the lactivist is here!

  2. Blogger Natalie | 1:38 PM |  

    DD & DS were both over 2 before they stopped waking every 2 hours to nurse all night long. They'd go down at 7:30 and sleep to 10:30. From 10:30 on it was every 2 hours until wake up time at 7 am. DS was 3 before he stopped waking to nurse in the middle of the night. At 3.5 he now only asks in the am when he wakes up which is about when DD started doing that also.

  3. Blogger Lesley | 3:22 PM |  

    Ooh, I love both of your new cars. Very nice!

  4. Anonymous jessica | 5:17 AM |  

    I want to know where to get the bento supplies! My little chunky is getting two top teeth and has been a crab the whole time so far. She was fussing every 2 hours all night long so I finally just kept her in bed and she slept cradled in my arm with me laying on my side. She also has a yucky cough that makes her cry when she coughs. So we're going on 10 months of breastfeeding with still plenty of wakeup calls. I think my body has gotten used to the lack of sleep and interrupted sleep.

  5. Anonymous Anonymous | 6:15 AM |  

    i'm still breastfeeding my 9.5 month old *and i'm pregnant, so the whole tender boobs thing isn't fun* but i'm glad we made it this far, and he still has no teeth! it was SO painful in that first month, but like i said i'm glad, SO GLAD i stuck with it.

    i plan on tandem nursing for as long as my kiddos want it.

    we've sort of started night weaning my son though just so I could get some proper sleep. although thankfully he doesn't wake every 2 hours, but being pregnant and not getting enough sleep was seriously taking a toll.

  6. Anonymous Anonymous | 6:20 AM |  

    OH ALSO! my son wouldn't take a bottle either, in fact just this past week I finally made it possible by poking more holes in the dad gum nipple. it comes out faster and he actually sucks from it now. the only reason i pushed the bottle on him is because while he "practices" drinking from a plastic cup, he won't take a sippee either and when i'm teaching classes i'd feel more comfortable knowing if he were thirsty for EBM or juice, he could have it.

  7. Anonymous Greg (the lesser known Laycock) | 6:24 AM |  

    Well, as much as I would have liked to get a yellow Miata, they are extremely rare (they were only made in a limited quantity for a single year). Mine is actually a blue '92 model, like the one below.


  8. Anonymous Mandy | 4:27 PM |  

    My DS is also almost 11 months (on the 28th he will be) and has never taken a sippy or bottle. He has had water from a squirt bottle though, which is nice at the beach (we live on the Cape)
    He also does not sleep through the night. You're not alone

  9. Anonymous Brenda Z. | 7:38 PM |  

    Just wanted to say that my wonderful son never slept thru the night- Horrible sleeper- until 13 months when he weaned, then all of a sudden he magically started sleeping all night w/ no problems at all! Every kid's differnet- but maybe emmitt will do the same thing:-) oh- and i def have not drank the yo gabba koolaid yet- and I also love wonder pets- but I can't say i hate dora and diego:-) I mean, he rescues animals too- they're just jaguars and pumas instead of monkeys and puppies:-) I love that I'm going to the zoo in a few weeks and my son is super excited about seeing a puma in real life:-)

  10. Anonymous Leigh | 9:58 PM |  

    Hey, rest easy because my daughter didn't sleep through the night until about 16 months old. She self-weaned completely @ 17 months.
    Also, I just sold my Mazda 3 (which I LOVED) and bought a Mazda MPV (which I LOVE). I'm a big time Mazda fan. Enjoy your zoom-zoom.

  11. Blogger Lone Star Ma | 7:42 AM |  

    I'm really enjoying your blog. I have added it to my blogroll.

  12. Anonymous elderberryjam | 2:19 AM |  

    I don't think that's random, Jennifer.

    You're my favorite blog, but it must just be a busy month. I've been too busy to read!

  13. Anonymous sinead@breastfeedingmums | 2:33 PM |  

    Cool cars! And I prefer the blue over the yellow!

    My son is 25 months and still doesn't sleep through the night (although he only wakes maybe twice maximum this last month), but then again neither did either of my daughters until they were about three!!

  14. Blogger The Lactivist | 1:11 PM |  

    Hey Jessica!

    We sell them over at Bento Yum but you can also buy them off eBay.

  15. Blogger Elaine and Mike | 11:47 AM |  

    Hey! I have an 11 mo old who is the same as far as only drinking from mom and up often at night... I guess we just roll with it, right? I don't know. I guess I just keep following her cues. Anyway, you aren't the only one.

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