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Want to Send Emails on the Applebee's Kerfuffle?

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Friday, August 31, 2007

Here's the contact information for Mike Scanlon, President and CEO of Thomas & King, the company that owns the Applebee's that gave Brooke Ryan grief over trying to nurse her son.

Mike Scanlon's email address: mscanlon@tandk.com.

Someone sent me the address yesterday via email, but I only just had the chance to confirm that it was publicly available. (I don't like to post private email addresses to this site, but if the email address or phone number is publicly available, it's fair game in my opinion.)

As always, I'd ask that if you send a letter, you read it over a few times before you send it. Keep in mind that strongly, yet politely worded discourse tends to garner a better response than an all caps message from a "shrieking harpy." Let's educate while standing up for our rights instead of simply yelling and stomping our feet in anger.

Also, keep in mind that Scanlon is NOT the CEO of Applebee's, but rather of a different company that owns and operates several Applebee's franchises.

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  1. Blogger kristina | 12:43 PM |  

    Unbelievable - the part about supplying blankets really got to me. I sent my comments yesterday through their website form. My theme was that before I had breastfed my own children I would have sympathized with their side, but pointed out that babies often refuse to be covered up during breastfeeding. Let's cross our fingers they come to their senses...

  2. Blogger Amanda | 7:41 AM |  

    I just emailed my comments to Mr. Scanlon and got this:

    This is an automated message created by mail delivery software.

    "Your message to:

    has not yet been delivered because the recipient server did not respond."

    I'm not sure what that means... perhaps that he is getting a lot of email? =) I hope.

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