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Two Signs I'm Working Too Hard Again...

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Friday, August 03, 2007

You know how your brain gets a little fuzzy when you get too little sleep and have too much work to do?

In the last two hours, I've had two clear cut signs that I need to chill soon.

1.) At lunch, the kids and I were eating quesadillas. I had a small bowl of salsa and sour cream that I was dipping mine in. Halfway through the meal, I dipped my quesadilla in Emmitt's plain yogurt instead.

At least I didn't feed him a spoonful of salsa...

2.) A few minutes ago, while being a smart aleck to my publisher about how things in the world were all wacky, I actually typed...

Nothing stranger than dogs and cats walking down the street hand in hand
and the fish running away with the spoon


I think when I get back from Boston next week, I need to take a long nap.


  1. Anonymous Anonymous | 2:24 PM |  

    I just took a nap for that exact reason. My sister-in-law and family were in town visiting from Mexico from July 18 until yesterday Aug 2. We love having them but since they live in Mexico our whole time schedule gets moved with them. They eat lunch at 2 and dinner at 8...needless to say our kids were not on the same time schedule. We eat lunch at noon and dinner at 6.

    Our kids go to bed at 8 or 8:30, their kids go to bed around 10 or later. Of course our older boy won't go to sleep until they go to sleep! We go to bed around 10:30 and my sister-in-law and husband go to bed at midnight or later. I need 7 or 8 hours of sleep to be effective!

    I arrived late last Friday from a trip to NY and ever since then it's been late nights and busy days. Just trying to get work done in between all of that was challenging.

    Yesterday morning, I realized all my jeans were dirty so I had to wear shorts. I shaved my right leg in the shower and thought to myself 'oh I must have already shaved the left because I think I usually start with that one.' Of course about an hour after I got dressed I realized I had not shaved the left leg! I was a bit embarassed to go out, but I didn't have time to jump back into the shower so I just laughed about it. :-) Good thing it was not too noticeable.

    Last night I got a good night's sleep and just snuck in a brief nap so I'm on my way back to making sense again (I hope!)

  2. Anonymous Anonymous | 11:27 AM |  

    I haven't had a break in a long time either. Not even to go to a movie or get a haircut. I'm gone from the house for 11 hours to do an 8-hour workday (walk to bus stop, bus ride in, make up time for pumping milk, unpaid lunch break, walk to bus stop, bus ride home, walk home from bus). At home Mike and I get no time to ourselves anymore... I get up so early that by 9pm I'm exhausted. I'm afraid he's going to get really annoyed soon because it's been like 2 months since we...um... "you know". I have no interest or energy, it's not that I don't want him... argh. So more guilt on me for that too. The cats don't get attention from me either, the house and yard are a perpetual mess, we still have not been to Michigan to see any of my family... how can I do any of that when I don't have time to be intimate with my husband or get my hair cut??!!??

  3. Anonymous Anonymous | 12:25 PM |  

    you might have found that he likes salsa!

  4. Blogger Alena | 9:17 AM |  

    You're in Boston now? I should take you out to lunch! :)

  5. Blogger Unknown | 11:32 AM |  

    hehe I get like that sometimes.

    I don't know how many times I've dipped my son's spoon into my own food.... ugh

  6. Blogger Carrie Willard | 11:43 AM |  

    Hey what's wrong with a baby eating salsa? My girls have loved it since they were babies. The boys are salsa wimps though. ;)

    Hey Jennifer I tagged you:

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