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Oh the Irony...

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Thursday, July 19, 2007

It's a morning every parent remembers well...the day when your brain spins as you try to answer a simple question.

This morning as I was headed to the shower Greg looked at me and said "Did Emmitt wake up last night?"

I looked at him blankly, racking my brain.

"Wow! No, he didn't!" (Ok, he went to bed at 8 and got up at 11, but he hadn't gotten up since 11)

After a brief moment of celebration I had to laugh at the irony.

What irony?

Well, how 'bout the fact that last night we had a massive line of storms come roaring through. The thunder woke both Greg and I up (but not the kids) and the power went out not once, not twice, but three times. After the first (small) cell went through, Greg and I turned on the weather radar channel in the living room and watched the next line (a red blog the size of our county) head toward us. That meant we were up from about 2am to 3am.

On the other hand, I did get to sleep from 3 until 7:30, which is a pretty good stretch for me.

Here's hoping he does this again tonight, and tomorrow night and the night after that and the night after that...

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  1. Blogger JudyBright | 6:23 AM |  

    Same thing here. I was up in the middle of the night for at least an hour while Catie didn't even make a peep. (She has been waking up 1-3 times a night for the last 3 weeks) When I did sleep I had a dream about a horrible thunderstorm that set the house on fire.

    There were at least two lightning strikes that sounded like those loud booming firecrackers multiplied by 10. Sort of like someone slammed a giant bass drum over the house.

  2. Blogger Nicole | 7:16 AM |  

    Grady had been sleeping well and then he started waking up at night again. Well last week he finally slept all night again but of course it was also the night I came down with a cold so I didn't sleep a wink. :|

  3. Blogger Mom | 7:23 AM |  

    The thunder didn't wake me, it was my nutso dogs whining at the storm that woke me. All I heard of the storm was what I heard marching down the stairs at 230 to close the laundry room door (there their kennel is) and go back upstairs. Lol

  4. Blogger Heather | 8:32 AM |  

    I swear these kids drink the same koolaid. Lucy: asleep from 4:30-8. Me: awake from 3:30-7 (tho asleep, she kept making noises. argh!). What's the deal?

  5. Blogger Michelle Constantinescu | 10:05 AM |  

    How do they know to DO that? My son went through a mean streak of waking me up every night. When he finally slept through, I was up all night long tossing and turning for who knows what reason. I felt robbed!

  6. Anonymous Anonymous | 10:59 AM |  

    lol- I have a 3 1/2 year old and a 13 month old. My big boy has slept all night since about 10 months but baby boy hadn't yet- until last week!!! We weaned about a week and a half ago and after a few days of being off the boobs, he just one night slept 11 hours! It would have been heaven except my 3 year old woke up twice and then ended up in my bed sleeping on top of me. Too bad it seems we never get to enjoy what should be blissful! Thankfully he's slept through the night every night since then. Though I can't say I don't miss waking up to nurse just a tiny bit. :-)

  7. Anonymous Anonymous | 11:33 PM |  

    I had a similar thing happen this week- I had to be without Matthew on a business trip, so he got a bottle at night and of course didn't want it from Dad so slept straight through. The minute I get back? We're back to waking up a few times a night!

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