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New York Mom Receives Settlement from Fossil

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Friday, July 06, 2007

Darn it all...I love Fossil watches, so I hate hearing things that make me not want to shop with them. (Heck, just this week I dropped an extra $70 each for three tickets to San Jose so I didn't have to fly Delta.)

Reuter's has the story on Yahoo! News.

Watch-maker and clothier Fossil Inc. agreed to pay $3,600 to a woman who was barred from breast-feeding her infant while visiting a company showroom, the New York Civil Liberties Union said on Tuesday.

Lass King, 37, a buyer for a Maine clothing store and a mother of two, said she received a letter of apology and the payment from Fossil after threatening the company with a lawsuit.

In its letter to King, Fossil also said it had issued a policy affirming that breast-feeding was permitted in all Fossil stores and showrooms, said Galen Sherwin, director of the NYCLU's Reproductive Rights Project.

Apparently, the whole kerfuffle with Toys R Us didn't manage to reach the ears of other New York businesses.

The settlement was sparked by an incident King had last summer.

In August 2006, while meeting with a salesperson in a Manhattan showroom, King was told she was making others feel uncomfortable by breast-feeding her 8-month-old son, Cody.

King was taken to another floor to finish feeding Cody but was then not allowed back into the showroom. In January, as she made plans to again visit a Fossil showroom, she was told by a Fossil representative that breast-feeding was forbidden.

How is it that there are still businesses that think this is ok?

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  1. Blogger Maria | 10:45 AM |  

    Not only are there businesses that think it is ok to discriminate this way, there are businesses that continue to put profits ahead the safety of mothers and infants. It's not quite too late to post something on the support of the Nestle boycott through International Nestle-Free Week (July 2-8).

  2. Blogger Nevanna | 1:17 PM |  

    And lots of people. I've had random people tell me in conversation that you just shouldn't "do that" (nurse in public)--for the sole reason that it might offend someone. Uh...ok.

  3. Anonymous Anonymous | 6:40 PM |  

    I love Fossil watches too...I'm wearing one now. I've also been known to buy a Fossil purse from time to time.

    Most likely an ignorant store/showroom person...

  4. Anonymous Anonymous | 8:08 AM |  

    haha! no, it's an ignorant company. I worked for the corporate HQ as a designer for 5 years and that mentality is pandemic. It starts at the top there, with Kosta, and works its way through all dept's, the VP's and HR. Sad but true. Great product, a few great people, but a sadly unkind work environment. I wasn't surprised to read the story about Lass King at all. Not a shock - business as usual.

  5. Anonymous Anonymous | 12:05 AM |  

    I don't understand what "mentality" people at fossil have just because they feel uncomfortable around a woman nursing her baby. Maybe the way that particular person approached that mother was rude and offensive, but seriously threatening with a lawsuit over it? That's just ridiculous! There are people that are actually being discriminated against out there.. being persecuted, verbally and physically abused, even killed because of discrimination and there are women demanding money because they were asked to discreetly nurse their baby? Wow...

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