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Putting the Emergency Room on Speed Dial

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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

"What do you think they'd say to us if we took our eight month old to the ER with a broken arm and told them he fell off the slide while climbing it?" I asked Greg the other night.

"Good question," he replied.

I tell you folks...this boy is going to accelerate the white that is rapidly invading my hair color.

He turned eight months old last weekend. He's fearless.

As long as he has a wall or something to keep one hand on, the kid is off and walking.

His latest feat? Walking up the sliding board on the back porch. He'll grab hold of the raised sides with each hand and then brace his feet against the base of the raised edge. Then he slowly works his way up the slide. Yes, he falls off...fairly regularly.

Every last time he's fallen though, he simply rolls over, thumps on his butt, falls over on his back, stares at the ceiling for a moment and then gets up to try again.

Of course Elnora doesn't help matters. She generally goes around back, climbs the stairs and stands at the top dangling a toy and egging him on.

Today, he proved that he's just going to take off without thinking things through.

I was sitting on the back porch writing an article and I heard a funny squeaking sound. I looked up and noticed that I didn't see Emmitt anywhere. Nora was down for a nap and we were on the back porch with the baby gate up, so I knew he couldn't have gone far. That's when I heard him giggle and heard the "swoosh, swoosh" of his little knees heading across the floor.

Still didn't see him.

Until I looked behind the futon.

Yep, the kid had wedged himself in behind it. He'd spotted a book on the floor behind the futon and took off after it.

I tried to reach him, but he was too far down the wall for me to even grab his foot. I even tried moving the futon out about a foot, but I still couldn't get to him. (Not that he seemed at all concerned about how he was going to get back out.)

That's when I figured I might as well grab the camera. I snapped a shot or two and then headed over to the other side of the futon where I knew he'd pop up behind the coffee table.

Sure enough, he'd reached the book and was happily pushing buttons to try and make it talk.

Darn it if I didn't have to pull the futon out about four foot from the wall to get back in there and get him.

Yep...going to have to put the emergency room on speed dial. I have a strong feeling that we're going to make our share of visits...


  1. Blogger Diane | 5:20 AM |  

    Oh, my! He's a climber. My son has discovered scaling the baby gate. Fortunately, he doesn't get over. He also rather enjoys stacking his toys to give him an extra boost out of the play yard. So far, no actual escapes, but little Houdini is practicing overtime!

  2. Blogger Lesley | 5:34 AM |  

    My youngest brother was our family daredevil, and it did not help at all that he's fairly clumsy. He ended up at emerg shortly after his 1st b-day for stitches in his forehead, he'd run headlong into the door frame. He had those removed and THE NEXT DAY fell in my bedroom and split his eyebrow, back to emerg for more stitches. We were back the same week because he was riding on my back and let go, my instinct was to grab his arms which dislocated his left shoulder. The same shoulder then popped out at least 3 more times before he was 2, the er docs eventually just showed my Dad how to pop it back into place (although Dad did it once, he took Ev to the er anyway to make sure he'd done it right). He's made it to 15, and there are days when we are amazed that he has!

  3. Blogger The Lactivist | 6:20 AM |  


    I really, REALLY hope I never have to learn how to pop a shoulder back in place!

    It's funny because in the last few weeks, Elnora has taken to loving on a baby doll. We'd never bought her any (she has a cloth doll and stuffed animals, but not a true "baby" doll) but she got one for Christmas from someone.

    The other day, she pulled it out of the bottom of the toy bin and started holding it's hand to help it "walk" around. Then she cradled it, then she tried to nurse it, then put it down for a nap with a blanket.

    Greg asked me "are we doing something to make her like that, or is that just who she is?"

    It's funny because we've bought the same toys for both our kids. We encourage adventure and nuture in both our kids.

    And yet our girl now cares for dolls and our boy fearlessly climbs anything he can find.

    Sorry folks, boys and girls ARE different. Yes, you can pigeon hole them, but there's no denying the innate differences between the genders.

  4. Blogger amygeekgrl | 10:02 AM |  

    wow. look at him go!
    you are making me nervous. julian is on the verge of crawling and i'm not ready for him to be mobile. eep!

  5. Anonymous Marica | 11:10 AM |  

    Our fearless guy is now 6 and has never been to the ER. He was going across monkey bars, by himself, at 4. The other mothers at the playground would look at me strangely because I was letting my 4 year old climb up high places and then (gasp) dangle on the monkey bars by himself. My thought always, if they can do it by themselves then they are ready! He is currently practicing going down 2 steps with his skateboard because he saw the teenagers do it. Of course he is wearing pads and a helmet for Mom's protection :)

  6. Blogger Elizabeth F. | 11:41 AM |  

    Yeah, all 3 of my kids are like that! My 2yr. old broke his leg last year, and 2 days ago his split his face open on the coffee table. IT seems that although he is very active, he is also clumsy. Good luck! Hope he's not clumsy like mine. LOL!

  7. Blogger tiny-dog | 6:14 PM |  

    Emmitt looks like he is the same size as Elnora!

  8. Blogger The Lactivist | 8:23 PM |  

    LOL...pretty much.

  9. Anonymous janisfan | 2:44 AM |  

    When dd was like 3 weeks old or something I accidentally pinched her arm with the straps on the stroller (another reason to babywear!) leaving a small but in my eyes significant bruise. I was terrified that her pediatrician was going to report us for child abuse.

    23 month old dd now is a daredevil too...I imagine an ER visit or 2 is in our future as well. She is already climbing up the structures on the playground.

  10. Blogger Sarahbear | 7:18 AM |  

    LOL @ Elnora dangling a toy at the top of the slide encouraging him to climb.

    Ah, boys will be boys.=)

  11. Blogger Erin | 10:05 AM |  

    I don't see a contact me link on your page but wanted to show you this link as you may find it interesting. The article is nothing special but I can't get over all the negative comments on it.


  12. Blogger The Lactivist | 10:31 AM |  

    Yeah, we talked about the Maggie issue a few weeks back when the story first started popping up. It was amazing to see how downright rude and obnoxious some people got.

    I wonder how many of those people said "what's the big deal" when Janet Jackson had her little "wardrobe malfunction?" ;)

    Oh, and my email address is written out in text over there in the left hand column in the "Who Am I?" spot.

  13. Blogger Nevanna | 2:25 PM |  

    Looks like these are new pictures of MG...they actually blurred out the nursing. Sheesh. I can think of Oscar dresses that pushed things further than those nursing pictures. :)

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