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A Bucket Full of Berries

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Friday, June 08, 2007

They look yummy, don't they?

They are. They're literally so fresh and so tasty that if you twist the stem, it gently pops out leaving a little hole in the center of the berry where that sort of fuzzy part pops out.

Here's the story...

Greg and I have talked a few times about wanting to head to a pick your own strawberry farm so that we could A.) Get yummy fresh strawberries and B.) take Elnora to learn about picking.

Well last night, a little after 8pm, I came out to the back porch after getting Emmitt down for the night. I glanced out the window of our porch and was greeted by the image of Elnora sitting in the neighbor's garden, eating strawberries.

You can imagine the thoughts that flew through my mind.

(If not, I'll fill them in for you...

"Holy crap! How did she get out of the house!"
"What is she eating?!"
"Where's Greg!?"
"Oh man, the neighbor is going to be sooooooooo mad!!!")

Then I glanced a bit to the left and spotted Greg hunched down picking berries as well. Ok, felt a little bit better...after all, while my two year old might steal someone's berries, I'm fairly confident that my husband wouldn't.

Then I noticed the neighbor even further up the row, standing there talking to Greg.

Turns out, our neighbor's strawberry patch has gone crazy and he (he's in his 70s) is having some health problems this year that make it hard for him to get out there and pick them all. So, he saw Elnora and Greg playing outside and invited them to come pick strawberries.

We ended up picking what I'd guess is about 4 pounds or so. That doesn't count the pint (or more) that Elnora ate while they picked. We brought them back to the house and put about a pound in a container that she carried next door to the neighbors on the other side, then we came home and ate another pound or so for dessert.

I packed a ton for Greg this morning in a "breakfast bento" with some cottage cheese and a few animal crackers. That leaves us with maybe one more pound to eat this evening.

Hope he comes by and invites us again. I almost can't eat the store ones after eating those...

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  1. Blogger JudyBright | 11:14 AM |  

    Yes, I ate a couple of mine straight off the vine last night, and they're like candy, even better. Unfortunately I don't have room to grow buckets worth.

    They're still from the plants you gave me a few years ago from your old place. If you need me to return the favor let me know :)

  2. Blogger The Lactivist | 11:20 AM |  

    Oh, I forgot you had those!

    We may put in a patch next year, if Greg has time to get raised beds put in place.

    The really nice thing is that he has mulched with straw. The straw was thick enough that you could just sit down or kneel down next to the row of berries and start picking. Much more comfy than the "squat and scoot."

  3. Blogger Nevanna | 11:29 AM |  

    My grandmother had an amazing strawberry patch. As a kid, every summer, I would get sooo excited for the strawberries to ripen. I could never get enough...yum... That, fresh corn (raw, right out of the garden), and vine-picked tomatoes are some of things I miss the most about when I lived in the midwest. :)

    Now I'm hungry for real garden-fresh food, lol!

  4. Blogger Elizabeth F. | 12:12 PM |  

    We love PYO patches and farms. We picked Strawberries this year. Strawberry season just ended for us on the East Coast. But, I was surprised that it was at least a month here and not the 2 weeks, blink and you missed it in IN.

    My kids love the experience and the berries are so much better. WE ate a bunch, made smoothies, and then froze some to use all year long. Good family fun!

    Why don't you offer to pick berries for your neighbor since he is older and in return maybe you can get some for yourself?

  5. Blogger Sarahbear | 2:32 PM |  

    Yum! We have a farm here that grows all sorts of fruits and you can go pick your own. They do strawberries in April/May and Peaches in June/July.

    I got this brilliant idea, when I was 9 months pregnant with my first child, to go out to the farm with my husband and pick peaches in the heat of June(in South Georgia). It was so hot and so uncomfortable.

    We did get to ride on a tractor trailer through the orchards and they had the absolute best home made peach ice cream I've ever tasted. We're thinking of taking all the kids down there one day this summer.

    Oh, and I just love when my husband takes the kids outside without mentioning something to me. I look up and the house is completely quiet and my heart stops beating when I see the front door open. ;)

  6. Blogger Naki | 3:03 PM |  

    Mmmmm.. I want strawberries now! I used to go to the Orchards with my Mom when I was little to do this. I remember how much I used to eat and how little many made it in the basket. I thought about trying to grow them here in my garden but I afraid it will get too hot here. I have to find a farm here to go picking..

  7. Blogger Amy | 8:52 PM |  

    Jealous...oh, so jealous...

    We hadn't thought of strawberries (until now--you cruel woman!), but my husband and I have tried for three years to get to one of those pick-your-own apple orchards in the fall. Maybe this year.

  8. Blogger amygeekgrl | 8:46 AM |  

    lucky! :) i need neighbors like that.

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