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Round-up of Breastfeeding News

Looking for The Lactivist? She's retired. But you CAN still find Jen blogging. These days, she's runs A Flexible Life. Join her for life, recipes, projects and the occasional rant.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Not much time for blogging the next few days. I'm guest lecturing at Ohio State today and doing an all day seminar downtown on Wednesday. Since I also have to find time to go pick-up my mother-in-law (lives an hour away) so that she can watch the kids, AND do work for my real job, posting may be sparse.

So, here's a quick round-up of a variety of breastfeeding related news that I want to cover, but just don't have time for...

Also heard...

A Mr. Rogers episode aired this week that talked about babies drinking "mommy's milk" and even had a full nursing shot that showed a nipple and areola.

There will be a rally to raise awareness for breastfeeding today at 1 p.m. at the State Capitol in Harrisburg.

Remember, when things are slow here (because sometimes I do have to things other than be a lactavist, lol...there are tons of great sites in my blog roll to check out.)


  1. Anonymous sinead@breastfeedingmums | 4:47 AM |  

    Hey Jen,
    Thanks for the link to my breastfeeding and medication post! I hope it helps any moms out there who, like me, are worrying about having to quit when an emergency arises!

  2. Blogger Diane | 5:24 AM |  

    I love the articles - thanks! The Maggie Gillenhal one especially. Good for her! Makes it easier on the rest of us.

  3. Anonymous Brenda Zizolfo | 6:14 AM |  

    Loved the pics of the harrisburg rally- I'll be sure to send some pics tomorrow from the Capitol Hill Nurse In-
    Also, who on this site is going to that tomorrow?? Just curious- a few of my friends and i are parking at union station (free after 9am) and walking over to the rally- and then doing lunch at the johnny rockets in union station afterwards. If anyone wants to join us feel free!

  4. Blogger Sarahbear | 8:58 AM |  

    Such wonderful breastfeeding news!

    I loved the picture of Maggie G. and especially loved the video clip of Amanda Peet on Regis and Kelly.

  5. Anonymous radical mama | 9:09 AM |  

    Jennifer, check this out:


    Wish I lived in DC!


  6. Blogger Cagey | 9:21 AM |  

    I posted about the Maggie Flap on my breastfeeding blog earlier this week, too. Definitely check out the comments on that post!

    The hypocrisy kills me in that folks don't mind nudity in the movies and TV, but heaven forbid if an actress uses her breasts for something useful.

  7. Blogger Ahmie | 1:27 PM |  

    I *think* I have that Mr. Rogers recorded (in digital format no less). I'll look and see if I can find the file/dvd (can't remember if I used the computer with tv-in card or the DVD recorder). Might take me a while. It's only a small segment of the show, MIGHT be able to YouTube it without violating their rules, not sure. If not, I can look into hosting it somewhere else free and acessible - once I locate it.

  8. Anonymous Anonymous | 7:14 PM |  

    The mention of Mr. Roger's brought back my very first memory of breastfeeding. I was weaned at 2 months so no personal memories, but when I was about 5 yrs. old, my mom's friend was breastfeeding her new baby. I'd never seen that happen before so I think I was staring a bit in fascination. My mom took me in the other room and tried to explain it to me. I think she was a little uncomfortable talking to me about it, and I must have picked up on it, because I lied and said I knew all about it - from watching Mr. Roger's!!! She seemed to think this was entirely possible and dropped the subject. I'm so glad to know he really did a show about this after all! Thanks for the memory! Hadn't thought about that in a long time!
    Jennifer R.

  9. Blogger Abigail Munday | 5:29 PM |  

    Breastfeeding in public? No problem. What I found shocking in the article about Actress Maggie was the cost of that stroller. Good lands! I've been in Japan for the last six years and thought prices here were astronomical. Are prices in America that steep, or is 600 smackeroos for a stroller completely normal? What's it made of, titanium?

  10. Blogger Jennifer | 7:07 PM |  

    Depends on where you are.

    Here in the midwest, you might see folks pushing McLarens or even a Peg Perego on very rare occasion...mostly Graco and the like though.

    When I'm visiting NYC or Chicago...cities were people use their strollers every single day (and don't have car payments) you do see the Bugaboo, the UPPABabies and some of the other $500-$700 strollers.

    Crazy stuff.

  11. Blogger Christine | 8:45 AM |  


    Let me know if you find that video. I would LOVE to see it!!!

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