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How Do They Do These Things?

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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

This morning I was doing a little bit of work in the kitchen while the kids played in the living room. I'd been in there about ten minutes (rooms are connected but can only see through the doorway) when I heard Elnora and Emmitt laughing.

I walked back in to check on them and some how, Emmitt had managed to get himself into this spot...

That table is in the corner between the edge of the couch and the edge of the love seat. There was a chair blocking him on one side, a toybox blocking him on another, a pile of toys to one side and a big pillow off to the other. In other words, he was totally boxed in.

I'd say poor Emmitt, but he seemed to be pretty happy...

In fact, he played there for about 20 minutes until I got him out so that we could all head to the kitchen for lunch.


  1. Anonymous Mama C-ta | 9:45 AM |  

    Wow so cute and big! I haven't been around in awhile, can't believe how quickly they grow!

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