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8 Things About Me

Looking for The Lactivist? She's retired. But you CAN still find Jen blogging. These days, she's runs A Flexible Life. Join her for life, recipes, projects and the occasional rant.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

And here I thought I was already spilling my guts about things to my Lactivist readers... Apparently, it's just not enough for Tiffany over at Nature Moms Blog... "More!" she says..."More! More!" (Ok, not really, but she did ask me to share 8 things about me.) You guys know all the basic stuff about me, so I'm aiming for things you might not already know.

So, here we go!

1.) I have read the book "A Girl of the Limberlost" at least once a year since I was 11 years old. In fact, there have been a few times that I've finished the book and then immediately turned to page one to start all over again. I own three copies of the book (one to lend, one to read and one first edition that I'm saving for Elnora since she is named after the main character.) Some day when Elnora is older, we'll drive over to Indiana to visit the Limberlost swamp.

2.) Though it's still three and a half years away, Greg and I are making plans to drive Route 66 across the country and back for our ten year anniversary. I figure the kids will both be old enough to hang with the grandparents for a few weeks by then and we'll have our first really great, "we're-in-no-hurry" vacation.

3.) When I was 16, I competed in the Junior Olympics at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. I was also an NCAA athlete at Ohio State University. My sport? 22 caliber rifle and air rifle. (Want to see what my rifle looked like? It was wicked cool!) I haven't shot in years but I am an NRA certified coach and have worked at the National Jr. Smallbore Camp every year for more than a decade.

4.) My favorite show is Lost. In fact, it's the only show that I make a point to watch each week (though I like to catch The Office if the kids are in bed in time.) If you're a fan of the show, I'm convinced that Desmond resuscitates Charlie, Locke and the remaining Others will team up with the Losties to battle whoever is on that ship, Sayid will continue to be the coolest man on television and Jack will continue to be an idiot.

5.) My favorite meal is insalata caprese. If you want to win me over, simply serve me up a platter of fresh mozzarella, red ripe heirloom tomatoes and fresh basil topped with EVOO and balsamic vinegar. Want to REALLY win me over? Add some rosemary and roasted garlic foccacia to the side.

6.) I once weighed 234 pounds. Yep, you read that right. Back when I first started dating Greg, that's what I tipped the scales at. In fact, I have not topped that weight during either of my two pregnancies. Currently, I'm more than 50 pounds down from that weight, but it's taken me a good five years of slow, steady work (and a few ups and downs) to get there. I've got about 20 pounds more to go and I'll be quite happy with myself.

7.) I have never left the continent. Twice I've had speaking gigs booked in the UK and once I was in the planning stages of a trip to Russia, but I've never made it off of North America. (Heck, I've never even been to Mexico.) That said, I've been to 26 states and a few Canadian provinces. Also, I'll take the mountains over the beach ANY day.

8.) I was voted "Most Likely to Succeed" in high school. Funny really, since at the time, my friends would make fun of me for going home and getting on "that stupid Internet thing." Because really...why would ANYONE want to use the Internet? LOL...oh...silly, silly high school kids. ;) Incidentally, I was also voted (in the fun list) Most Likely to be President, Most Likely to be a Superintendent and was runner up in Most Likely to Make the First Million and Most Likely to Wear a Wig. (WTH?)

So, it's time for me to do a little tagging of my own. I'll tag...Tanya (because she needs to get more personal), Wendy, Ahmie and Debra.


  1. Blogger Ahmie | 11:30 AM |  

    The 3 people who read my blog are going to think you're hilarious - I'm such an open book, I don't know if I can think of 8 things people don't generally know about me, and my blog posts tend to rival "War and Peace" in length as it is.

  2. Blogger Ahmie | 11:59 AM |  

    OK, I did it since the kiddo was being semi-calm.

  3. Blogger Debra | 1:20 PM |  

    1. I hate Lost. I like closure, this week after week of spooky nuances makes me nuts. Gimme Gunsmoke any day.

    2. I only breastfed my children for 8 weeks. Didn't like it. Can I say that here?

    3. I was a member of the American Water Spaniel Rescue Club for several years, went all over Virginia when an SPCA would call and report they had a water spaniel. They're a rare dog breed that we've owned and bred for years.

    4. I like bananas and potato chips smushed into my peanut butter sandwich.

    5. My favorite color is whatever looks best on me at the time.

    6. I love to Volksmarch. For those not familiar with it, it's distance walking, usually done in 5 or 10K settings.

    7. Favorite movie is Field of Dreams. I believe everyone should be required to watch it at least once a year.

    8. I'm a Junior Girl Scout Leader and absolutely love it. I have the best bunch of girls in my troop, most have been with me since Kindergarden.


  4. Blogger Misty | 1:47 PM |  

    Sorry to break it to you, but Charlie is really dead. I know, I know...it's sad. But true. http://yahoo.eonline.com/gossip/kristin/blog/index.jsp?uuid=c5cbd6b3-5309-48df-9128-278b046b61b8

  5. Anonymous Debby | 2:17 PM |  

    So who do you think was in the casket in the "future" scenes of the last episode?

    I just found a definitive guidebook to "LOST" at the library a couple days ago. I just can't get enough - and I can't imagine having to wait until February for the next season to start. I was a slow starter though - we didn't get to watching season 1 until we decided to find out what all the fuss was about, less than a year ago. The show has always been on Wednesday evening when we're gone. (Until we got TiVo this year! Yippee!) So we've pretty much jumped from one season to the next right after each other ever since then. And...now...we...have...to...wait...

  6. Blogger The Lactivist | 2:21 PM |  

    Oh, I never said that he isn't dead. He died.

    But he's coming back. :)

    He just doesn't know it yet.

    See...the reality is that Desmond's prediction was simply taht Charlie was going to die. Charlie died. Guess what though...you can "die" and be brought back to life. Drowning and heart attacks are probably two of the most likely ways that you can die and come back.

    You can't come back from an arrow to the throat, so thankfully Desmond kept that one from happening...

    So call me crazy, say I'm in denial, but I still think we're going to see more of Charlie. :)

  7. Blogger The Lactivist | 2:22 PM |  

    I have no idea who is in the box. Could be Michael, could be Ben...perhaps it's Locke, but I think it's probably someone we haven't met yet.

  8. Blogger The Lactivist | 2:26 PM |  

    I only breastfed my children for 8 weeks. Didn't like it. Can I say that here?

    LOL...I don't think anyone will throw rocks at you. I think even some of the long-term nursers here didn't like it. ;)

    What you can't say is that you hate Lost. I'll have to throw things at you.

  9. Anonymous Debby | 2:30 PM |  

    I hope we haven't seen the last of Charlie. And I agree, Sayid is the coolest person on TV in my memory.

  10. Blogger Alena | 4:09 PM |  

    I like your personal entries. That's part of what makes reading this blog fun - that I feel like I know you.

    I've never watched Lost. I wanted to start, but felt like I would need to watch it from the beginning. And now it's far too late to catch up.

    I nursed my son for 2.5 years and loved every second of it.

  11. Anonymous Anonymous | 4:16 PM |  

    You sound like a REALLY great cook

  12. Blogger The Lactivist | 4:23 PM |  

    LOL...based on fresh cheese and veggies with oil?

    You are easy to please. :)

  13. Anonymous amygeekgrl | 4:41 PM |  

    i, too, am holding out hope against hope that charlie isn't really dead or that he comes back, but i'm afraid it isn't going to happen.
    i hope they give us some answer soon.

    always fun to learn more about you. :)

  14. Anonymous Anonymous | 7:18 PM |  

    I'm actually a fairly regular poster of comments...I just don't remember my Blogger password

    Have never watched Lost so I can't love it or hate it. But I don't really understand all the fuss about it.

    I'm pregnant with my first and planning to breastfeed. Considering my sister managed exclusive breastfeeding for all of a week and my mom righteously weaned us at a year AND my husband's first wife was unable to nurse at all(antiseizure meds) I have a feeling extended breastfeeding may be an uphill battle. I've six months to go before this baby is even born and I'm *already* guirding my loins for the fray that is sure to ensue. < smiles >

  15. Blogger evil cake lady | 12:52 AM |  

    haha--I've only really watched 2/3 of this season of Lost, and I think Jack is an idiot too!

    One if these days I do want to watch the first three seasons, and the rest of the 4th...

    I am laughing at myself that out of all the interesting and controversial posts you've had in the last months, the only one I feel compelled to comment on is the one where you mention a tv show that I've only watched a mere fraction of.

    Oh well. :)

  16. Blogger jenny mae. | 6:47 AM |  

    i made a personal pact with myself that if they killed off desmond i would stop watching. serrrrrriously im so glad that they didnt make me test my resolve on that issue.

  17. Blogger Naki | 7:31 AM |  

    I love Lost!! I like Sawyer. My husband and I made it a point to watch every week. I'm a Grey's Anatomy junkie too.

  18. Anonymous Debby | 9:21 AM |  

    Just an encouragement to Alena - go get Season 1 on DVD. If you sign up for Netflix or Blockbuster Online you'll get a month free, in which time you can burn through at least the first two seasons. That's what we did and now we're hooked!!

  19. Blogger JudyBright | 12:32 PM |  

    HE'S DEAD, Get over it.

    I think maybe the actor wanted to do other stuff. It could be that simple.

    There's always flashbacks... Or is there????????

  20. Anonymous Anonymous | 3:06 PM |  

    Might as well face it, you're addicted to LOST. As heard on the SuperBowl of 2006 in a montage of the show to the song "You're addicted to Love".

    I am also addicted to LOST. I am stuck on that show and won't miss a single episode. It is like crack for me. I can't miss a single heart stopping episode. I think that is why I like it so much.


  21. Blogger Melissa | 5:33 PM |  

    Can't say I have ever gotten into Lost... however, I am a HUGE fan of The Office! Best. Show. Ever. And John Krasinski is SO easy on the eyes!!

  22. Anonymous Brenda Z. | 4:51 PM |  

    I too agree that charlie is dead and will never live again- except in our wonderful flashbacks and hopefully in every one we'll hear "you all everybody!"
    I actually have a cd of that song that got made and slapped on a tv guide when the show 1st came out- so funny!
    Anyways- I too love Sawyer and don't care for Jack- and I actually really like Ben- scary but sooo interesting.
    My biggest grievance of the season was that Walt appeared and helped locke not die or whatever- but walt's like 30 now and his voice is changing!! you can't keep up the whole been on the island for only a couple months thing if walt is aging years!
    just my 2 sense- Oh and I also am much more accepting of not liking breastfeeding than not liking lost:-) My dad doesn't like it and i just don't get i!

  23. Blogger Abigail Munday | 10:27 PM |  

    I cannot even BELIEVE you folks blew Lost season 3 for me. I really am going to have to throw some things at ALL of you who discussed it. OMGosh. I'm in Japan and still in season 2. Season 3 is not even a glimmer in anyone's eye over here yet. Thanks. Thanks a bunch. :) (And Jen, I did try to access season 3 via the Internet, that blessed convenience, but it reads our IP address, knows we're overseas, and says nope, sorry, tough toenails.

  24. Blogger Abigail Munday | 10:30 PM |  

    And who the heck is Ben? Wait, no, don't tell me.

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