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The News I Missed

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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Quite a bit happened while I was on vacation and then battling that nasty case of the flu. (Isn't that always the way it is?) In case you missed the stories, here's a quick catch-up...

The Airlines are Still Boobs

Emily Gillette's case against Delta and Freedom Airlines is finally moving forward. The Vermont Human Rights Commission denied the airlines motion to dismiss the case. The Bennington Banner reports that the case will move forward as follows:

Since Gillette and Delta and Freedom Airlines had failed to solve the issue through negotiation, an investigation will now commence that may involve requests for documents and a review of any and all materials submitted by both parties relating to the incident in question.

Once an investigative report is given to both parties, according to Appel, both parties have the right to respond to the report within 10 days of receiving it. Both parties also have the right to appear before the commission to make a brief oral presentation.

If, after this, the commissioners decide that there are reasonable grounds to believe that unlawful discrimination occurred, the case will be transferred to the executive director, who will attempt to bring both parties to accept a settlement. If a settlement cannot be reached within six months, the commissioners will decide whether to close the case or take it to court, either in Montpelier or the court in the county in which the alleged incident took place.

Gillette's lawyer, Elizabeth Boepple of Manchester, was pleased by news of the VHRC's decision to uphold Gillette's complaint. "What it means is we can now proceed," said Boepple, who was also impressed by the solid defense of Gillette's complaint provided by VHRC.

Earth Day Nurse Out

Earth Day Nurse Out
April 22nd 12-5pm
Boston Common near "Soldiers and Sailors Monument" MAP
Bring friends and family
Rain Place: South Statuon Commuter terminal

Email Drie Tierney with questions.

2007 Breastfeeding Awareness Walk

Plans are coming together across the country for an August 7th Breastfeeding Awareness Walk with the theme "First Step to a Healthy Life." It's been suggested that a great plan would be for state coalitions or LLL groups to plan walks that end on the state capital lawns and to invite legislators that have supported, sponsored or introduced breastfeeding legislation.

The California WIC Association and California Breastfeeding Coalition are already working on walks throughout the state and have put together a great planning kit for other areas that are interested in organizing.

(And for you Ohio readers that aren't already on the Ohio Breastfeeding Coalition email list, join up because we're working on planning our own awareness walk.)

And You Thought You Were Tired Nursing One or Two...

I can't believe I'm going to say that I'm sad to have missed Oprah, but I'm sad that I missed Oprah! Last week they did a show about siblings and they featured the Harris Sextuplets. The Harris kids are the first surviving set of African-American sextuplets in U.S. History. Not only that, but their mother, Diamond, breastfed the babies until they were six months old! Now that is a mom that deserves some serious applause (and a good day at the spa...). Diamond Harris noted that for a period of time, she was pumping between 50 and 60 bottles worth of milk a day.

There's more, but most of the others will get a separate post as I go through my email and put information together. I'm still working up the post that I hinted at last week while I was gone, but playing catch-up and working on the Ronald McDonald House story has put it on the back burner until later this week.

Thanks to all my readers that have sent me emails alerting me to stories. I couldn't keep on top of things as well as I do without your help. Please also know that I will be responding, but that I'm out of town right now and can receive email but can't send any. So if I've written to you, it's just sitting in my out box waiting for a better connection.


  1. Anonymous Anonymous | 8:57 AM |  

    Hi Jennifer,
    Hope you feel better. This came across my desk the other day. So sad.
    Apologies if you already posted about this.
    Take care,

  2. Anonymous amygeekgrl | 9:36 PM |  

    i wondered if you'd heard about the sextuplets featured on oprah. i was sooooo impressed with that mama bfing all 6 babies and then pumping for them! my hat is off to her!

  3. Blogger Heather | 10:20 AM |  

    You know, it really makes you wonder about all those women who swear they don't have time to nurse their ONE child.

    I produce milk like a freakin' milk machine, but SIX BABIES! Wow!

  4. Blogger Becky Miller | 5:17 PM |  

    Speaking of airlines, I have to brag on Southwest. I flew Providence to Baltimore and back on Southwest for my six-month-old daughters first flight, and I had no problems with the airline or the fellow passengers when I breastfed Katherine on takeoff and landing on both flights. The flight attendant on the way home even brought my soda with a lid and a straw since he saw I was holding a squirmy baby on my lap!

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