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Milestone Updates

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Emmitt finally got to taste something other than mommy milk. (Not that Mommy Milk isn't amazingly tasty...but variety is the spice of life, right?)

He's coming up on seven months and has started giving us the evil eye when we don't share our meals with him, so I figured it was about time. Saturday evening I smashed up a third of a banana and let Greg give him his first meal.

The kid ate pretty much all of it. He's had banana once a day since then...I'll wait until I get back to Columbus and will let him try some avocado or green beans or something else new.

And to note, did any other moms out there find that by their second kid that "I can't wait to feed them solids" line of thinking just melted away because you realize how much extra work it's going to be to feed the kid food as opposed to simply being excited that they've reached a milestone?

On to Elnora's milestones...well, she's up to a few dozen signs now and learning more every day. I think I'm going to order the first six Signing Time videos for her. She's also adding new verbal words each day and is making sentences now. A few days ago I got "da, home, no" while Greg was at work and just this morning it was "I no neigh" when mom asked her if she had a horse.

She's also now gone almost a full week with only two or three accidents in her diaper. That includes her bout with the flu this week. She actually managed to tell us before all but one bout of diarrhea and we got her on the potty in time.

I think it's because my grandmother brought her a package of "big girl underwear" last week and we told her that when she stops having accidents, she can wear them. This was right after she picked a pair up, went to the bathroom, pulled off her pants and her pull-ups and replaced them with her underwear before prancing around the living room showing them off.

We've got another month before she's 2.5, and I'm hoping she's in underwear by then. That will make up a bit for the fact that Emmitt is now in size fours and diapers are getting me expensive as the day goes by.


  1. Anonymous Nev | 4:20 PM |  

    A couple of the ladies at my daycare have been bugging me to feed DS some solids for ahwile now. Lots of the usuals..."He's soo hungry!" or "He needs REAL food now!" All I could think was how much extra work it was going to be...lol...

    I finally gave him some squash last week while I was home on vacation. (He's been staring while we eat, as well...) No gagging, no pushing it out--the boy even grabs the spoon and shoves it in his mouth! He definately still prefers to nurse--food time frequently ends in him in tears until he gets his milk!--but I'm glad I waited until six months. He was clearly ready, and we didn't have any of the other problems you always hear people talking about when starting solids.

  2. Blogger The Fluffy Ewe | 4:34 PM |  

    All the more reason to cloth diaper. Lol!

    You know I have been a bit more relaxed with starting solids this time around, too. It is a royal pain to try and get meals in all three of us during the day when it's just me n' the boys.

    WTG Elnora! It seems the signing is actually helping her with verbalizing. "I no neigh." How cute. Dontcha just love how their little minds work?

  3. Anonymous amygeekgrl | 7:25 PM |  

    wow - lots of exciting things going on with the kiddos. :)

    i had to LOL about not getting excited about feeding baby #2 solids. it's so much more work to have to feed them food, rather than just nurse them. of course, i kind of felt that way with my first too. maybe i'm just extremely lazy. LOL

  4. Blogger Judy | 8:24 PM |  

    By their second kid? Well I guess count me in because I'm on my first one and I am not really looking forward to having to feed her and clean up after her.

    She's sleeping through the night on breastmilk and formula and that's fine with me right now, but the food is around the corner with her at 4 1/2 months.

  5. Blogger Jennifer | 6:24 AM |  

    LOL...yeah, Greg was surprised that Emmitt wasn't pushing it all out when he tried to feed him.

    I explained that if you wait until a kid is ready to eat solids, they actually eat. It's when you force feed them before they are ready that it makes a mess. (Or after they are big enough to take part in the process...I imagine the clean eating is only going to last a week or two, lol.)

    Greg comes from the time period when solids were started early though, he was actually on pureed meats before he was a month old. His brothers too. This whole "wait till at least six months" thing is foreign to him.

    Squash is a good idea, maybe that's what we'll try next. Greg will eat it too and it's easy enough to mash with a little breast milk. (Emmitt's, not Greg's...)

    And yeah, Judy, don't be in any hurry. I was all excited to make her food and to try different things last time. Now I know better. The longer they go without solids, the easier life is. :)

  6. Blogger Hanmee | 9:40 AM |  

    I got hassled by everyone to feed my firstborn solids. My inlaws were trying to be subtle but they kept dropping hints about how great my hubby turned out and how early he was on them. (Oh, you mean the man with the massive GI tract issues?)

    I had always planned we'd wait until he was 6 mos old before giving him anything and go from there. Well, because we were lazy, we didn't get him on any until he was about 8.5 mos old. An RN at work told me that she exclusively breastfed her baby (who's now 18) until she was 9 mos old.

    My daughter is more active and less laid back than my son. She's 7 mos old now, snatches everything, and eyes everything we put in out mouths so we started her out on some bananas as well. I don't think her system has liked it. She's getting used to the less than ideal (and harder to push) poo (as are we).

  7. Anonymous Nev | 10:43 AM |  

    Well, being as I work all day, I bought the little jars. I figured squash and carrots were a good place to start. I never got why babies were started with meat, rice cereal, or other constipating foods. So I just didn't. :)

    I can't say it's not messy...since he likes to guide the spoon into this own mouth, he often smears the food all over his hands, face, nose eyes, chest, etc in the process. :p But, I like that it gives him some control, and he's pretty clear on when he's had enough or wants more.

  8. Blogger Chris | 2:02 PM |  

    Luc (my 2nd) wasn't interested in food much until he was almost 8 months old and I was in NO hurry! He's almost 15 months now and still getting about 75% of his nutrition from breastmilk. I'm struggling with finding not-too-messy food he can eat "on the run" because he simply refuses to sit in his highchair. Oh, try sweet potato! I would bake a large one in the oven, mash it, then put it in ice cubes trays. It's delish!

  9. Blogger Analisa | 6:33 PM |  

    Oh, by #4 all I could think about was how much more work solids would be!

  10. Blogger Mama Luxe | 8:56 PM |  

    I waited until 6.5 months with Baby Diva and she is my first. Although it seemed like (and is) fun to share solids...I knew it would be (and is) a PIA sometimes.

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