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Milestone Update - Crawling

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Monday, April 30, 2007

Just a quick post because this blog often serves as my "what date was that again?" reminder for these things...

As of this morning, Emmitt has abandoned the "army crawl" method of movement and has embraced the hand, hand, knee, knee method of crawling.

The sad thing is that he doesn't really get around any faster and him crawling isn't nearly as funny as his army crawl was.

Oh, and I forgot how much harder it is to get kids down for a nap when they can go from laying down to sitting up. ;)


  1. Blogger Heather | 2:38 PM |  

    My daughter Lucy (8 mo) just started crawling, too. She'd been scootching for months. It's pretty cute, though--she looks like a wind-up doll. And since our chiropractor told us that tests of prison inmates links no crawling to incarceration, we're relieved.

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