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Indy Moms Nursing in Public

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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Lactivist reader Stephanie dropped me an email this week to share a PDF snippet of a local parenting rag from Indianapolis. The print version of IndyMoms had a nice spread called "Oh the Places We'll Go" that talked about nursing in public.

While the majority of the article was listing the "private" places to nurse in public (lounges, family rooms, etc...) there were also quite a few reader comments about how friendly the Indianapolis atmosphere is to nursing.

One mom offers her own favorite spot and then followed it up with:

"You can nurse anywhere you want to, though. I usually plop down any old place and nurse my 11-month old, and have never gotten any strange looks."

Quite a few of the suggested spots were also simply quiet spots in public locations, like a particular park bench at the Indy zoo that has a nice view, but is out of the traffic area.

The article also has a very prominent side bar that states "Indiana state law protects your right to nurse in public." It goes on to explain that the Indiana State Department of Health offers free wallet size cards that list the state law. Moms can carry them with them on the off chance that someone does give them some grief.

Interested in getting one? Simply drop an email to the Health Department.


  1. Blogger Seana | 10:08 PM |  

    I love that the health department offers those cards. I don't know of any such thing here in Missouri.

    When I first started nursing in public, I made my own cards with the Missouri statute printed on it and carried it in my diaper bag.

  2. Anonymous Anonymous | 9:06 AM |  

    that is so wonderful to hear. i am moving to a suburb of indianapolis in august and i was alittle aprehensive due to the laws banning midwifery. i didn't know how friendly they would be about breastfeeding(in my mind the two go hand in hand) especially a toddler since my son will be turning one at the same time we move.so thank you so much for the information and piece of mind.

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