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I Just Saw the Suave Commercial...

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Friday, April 20, 2007

I knew there was a reason I was still up at 1am...

Just heard some wierd music and looked up to catch the full suave commercial that has some people raving and a few people ranting.

To those who are ranting, I say: GROW UP.

It was a good commercial. ;) Cute images, mom was CLEARLY nursing and hey, it assumes that moms are going to breastfeed.

Who cares if it says it makes your breasts flat...the mom was still doing it. ;)

ETA in case someone misses it in the comments:

Tiny-Dog offers up directions on finding the commercial at the Suave Web site.

Here is how to find the commercial:

1. Go to www.suave.com
2. Click the "Beauty" icon in the upper-left corner (third from left, shaped like a flower).
3. Place your pointer over "Mom's Transformations" and click "From Flat to Fabulous."


  1. Anonymous Anonymous | 11:42 PM |  

    I agree. I can't believe people are upset about this. I saw the commercial before your initial post and thought it was lovely. In fact, I jumped with glee on my couch to see a mom -gasp!- BREASTFEEDING on national television! Whoopee!

    Sometimes I think people try a little too hard to find things to get mad about. Sure, my breasts deflated from a C to a AA after breastfeeding, but do I care? Of course not. In fact, I had a little empathetic chuckle at the "makes your hair and chest go flat" comment, because for me, it's true.


  2. Blogger Jennifer | 5:06 AM |  

    Oh how I PRAY that I lose a cup size or two after I finish nursing.

    Even if gravity comes along with it, that's what good bras are for, right? ;)

  3. Anonymous Rattling the Kettle | 7:17 AM |  

    The commercial is available, with some digging around, on Suave's website.

    The second "button" on the top left of the website is an icon of a breastfeeding mom, btw.

  4. Blogger Analisa | 7:51 AM |  

    Oh, Jennier, me too! I was up to an H when I was nursing twins and I'm somewhere around a DD right now...

  5. Blogger Tasha | 12:17 PM |  

    I knew you would not get your panties in a wad over it....it's a good commercial for once...

  6. Blogger Judy | 2:16 PM |  

    Oh Jennifer, I shall pray as well. Just think of the glory of solid D or even a C. I'm thinking about it right now.

    The upset people might be the same ones that got all up in arms over Kevin Federline and Nationwide making fun of fast food workers.

  7. Anonymous Alena | 7:41 PM |  

    Ok, you big boobed people, stop rubbing it in!

    I was a full B before, more like a B- now, and dreading what I'm going to be after my son weans completely. God please don't let me be an A.

  8. Blogger tiny-dog | 7:55 PM |  

    Here is how to find the commercial:

    1. Go to www.suave.com
    2. Click the “Beauty” icon in the upper-left corner (third from left, shaped like a flower).
    3. Place your pointer over “Mom’s Transformations” and click “From Flat to Fabulous.”

  9. Anonymous Anonymous | 8:56 PM |  

    OK girls, here's a secret that we men never let on about.

    We don't care. We love them no matter what the size, shape, even firmness.

    We end up loving the breasts of whatever women we fall in love with.

    Stop obsessing and never... ever get fake ones. They are boring.

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