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Chocolate Pudding made from Silken Soy...

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Sunday, April 01, 2007

...does NOT taste like REAL chocolate pudding made with milk.

I'm sorry, but you people are smoking crack.


  1. Anonymous Erin | 4:23 PM |  

    No it doesn't. But I make a chocolate pudding with choc chips and silken tofu that's not bad. Not as good as dairy, but I'm allergic to dairy so I have to get creative!

  2. Blogger The Fluffy Ewe | 4:25 PM |  

    *shudder* Brave you are young Padawan. Lol

  3. Blogger Jennifer | 6:10 PM |  

    I made the one with chocolate chips and silken tofu (and honey to sweeten it.)

    It smelled like pumpkin.

    It tasted like...well...it didn't taste like something that would make me want to buy tofu again...


    Best I can figure, the folks talking about how great it is are vegans and have simply forgotten what good dairy tastes like. :)

  4. Blogger Judy | 9:52 PM |  

    Y'all are probably going to kill me, but I question whether soy is actually that good for you. Too many hormones that mimic human hormones, phytoestogens and such.

    Dairy's not good for you either, but I'd rather have something that's bad for you that tastes good rather than something that tastes bad and is bad for you.

  5. Blogger Jennifer | 6:05 AM |  

    I'm with you on the soy Judy...lots and lots of estrogen in soy. In fact, there are some studies being done now that suggest that children (especially little girls) should not have large amounts of soy until they've passed puberty.

    I have no problem with a little soy now and then, it's a great source of protein, but I do question the idea of drinking nothing but soy milk and of using tofu in place of all meat and so on...

    I just figured if the soy pudding tasted as good as the real stuff that it might not be a bad substitution in the rare cases that we eat pudding.

    Then I discovered it tastes horrific, so I'm back to good old pudding made with milk. :) (at least it's organic skim milk...)

  6. Blogger MamaBean | 9:00 AM |  

    lol! For the record I never claimed it tasted like the real thing but I didn't think it tasted THAT bad.

    I hope that the fact that I provided you with the recipe doesn't mean I'm banned from your blog . . .

  7. Blogger Jennifer | 9:19 AM |  

    LOL...I'll forgive you this time Mamabean, but I hope you know you've lost a little credibility for convincing me to try new foods. ;)

  8. Blogger Ahmie | 9:34 AM |  

    ew. no. I try to collect *good* vegan recipes so I have nice things to make for friends (our family is all omnivores). I have a couple really good vegan cookie recipes that I'd be happy to share. No tofu involved. Hubby is Chinese and his parents live with us (in a double house), they can't get me to eat that stuff even prepared as "intended" by the culture that's used it for ages. I find the texture nauseating.

    Vegan friend of mine pointed out that original Crisco is vegan (not heart healthy with the partially hydrogenated oils, but vegan). Not sure if the new "no trans-fat" version is or not, need to check, but that's what I use as a butter substitute usually. Sugar cookies with that and Ener-G egg replacer are good (use REAL vanilla extract, you can't skimp on the extracts when you don't have butter to back you up!). Topping that sugar cookie recipe with a big spoonful of Organic Apricot-Orange Marmalade from Trader Joe's (before baking) was a hit with everyone who sampled them a few weeks ago. I was testing out a few recipes before hosting coffee hour for my church later this month (there is a relatively high percentage of vegans and vegitarians in the congregation - not uncommon in Unitarian Universalist groups, if you don't know any try to find a group so you can get invited to a potluck - the culinary diversity is very tasty and frequently lots of organic and vegitarian dishes ;) ). I also made an oatmeal cookie recipe (substituting banana for the egg that time) but it didn't go over nearly as well. Not sure if they just weren't oatmeal-raisin cookie fans tho (my son had been requesting them).

    I have a non-vegan oatmeal-peanutbutter cookie recipe that our family really loves, uses honey in it (and real eggs, and I think butter). I think that one is up on one of my many blogs fairly recently. I call them HOP-B cookies (Honey Oatmeal Peanut-Butter).

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