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Baby Friendly NYC

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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Sorry for the spotty posting this week...I'm wrapping up some training materials before heading to New York City next week.

So, any NY locals (or visitors) have any baby-friendly suggestions to offer up? I've been there a few times, but never with a baby. Also taking along a friend who will watch Emmitt while I'm teaching...she's never been to New York.

We'll hit the Central Park Zoo, Times Square and the State of Liberty, but any reader suggestions on other spots we could hit with Emmitt would be appreciated. We'll have a stroller and my Ergo, so we should be pretty flexible in terms of how we get around.


  1. Anonymous Eilat | 7:48 PM |  

    This is not an activity, per-se, but when my son was first born I hung out here more than anywhere else!

    The Upper Breast Side

    is a fabulous breastfeeding boutique that The Lactivist should defnitely check out!
    They have the BEST nursing wear, and a great, welcoming atmosphere.
    They have changed location since I moved out to CA last year, so I cant comment on the new digs, but you sould DEFINITELY check it out and maybe pick up a cute Boob shirt while you are there :-)

  2. Anonymous Brenda Z. | 10:18 AM |  

    I've been up there a few times with kids- The hardest part is figuring out what to do with your kids in a cab- I don't think there are actual carseat laws, but subway tends to be easier cuz you can bring your stroller. Children's museum of Manhattan is supposed to be great though I've never been there- But my favorite thing (kind of an odd family tradition) is everytime we go to NYC and we're walking around and need a potty break- we normally go into the Plaza Hotel if we're in the area b/c we can't afford to stay there but we can afford to pee there:-) And w/o fail we always see someone famous. Oh- and you can't go up there w/o going to FAO Shwartz! I can't as much as afford a matchbox car there but it's still fun to look at:-). It's funny cuz my family is going up to NY next week as well- not the city but Long Island cuz that's where my in laws live (we're from there). Oh- one more thing that I was thinking about doing next week- The Go Diego Go Live tour is going to be at Radio City Music Hall (just an awesome place to see- so full of nistalgia) and Ringlin Brothers is going to be at Madison Square Garden (another awesome place to see- unless you hate the Knicks!) So ok- i'm done ranbling now- hope this helps!

  3. Blogger Debbiemommy | 11:16 AM |  

    I grew up in Brooklyn and as a kid I loved it when my parents took me to the Aquarium the train lets off right across the street from it and it is worth the trip or at least used to be. My fav was the tunnels where the fish swam all around you. I have fond memories of that I can't wait to take my kids there one day. Bronx zoo is also a good idea but I always hated the smell.

  4. Anonymous Anonymous | 12:42 PM |  

    I am sorry to disappoint... no more Plaza Hotel. It's been closed down and is being converted to a luxury condo. We'll miss you, Eloise!

    Have fun though!

  5. Anonymous Brenda Z. | 6:25 PM |  

    OH YEAH! I totally forgot about the Plaza closing- I remember hearing about that awhile back and being bummed- they probably turned it into condos to eliminate peoples potty breaks:-) Ok- but I have a restaurant suggestion- besides the obvious (anything italian) you should go to Serendipity (yup- the place in the movie). They have this amazing desert called a frozen hot chocolate (yes- john cusack and kate beckinsale ate them) and it's always a fun place for celebrity sightings:-) Ok- I'm really not obsessed with celebrities- but it's always fun to have a story to tell people- Even funner- breastfeed in front of them and if one of them says something negative or positive you'd have a really fun blog to write! Ok- i really need to go to sleep

  6. Anonymous Lil | 2:01 PM |  

    Love to get together while you're here if you feel like it. :) Pretty much every place is "baby friendly" as long as the baby doesn't cry! Which really, is every bf'd baby isn't it? ;) Whereabouts are you going to be? My suggestions would vary based on the part of town. :)

    I hang out at JavaGirl on 66th between 1st and 2nd, Good Health on 1st between 74th and 75th.. Agra on Lexington between... 59th and 60'th I think. (But you have to walk up a looong flight of stairs- so not too good if you've got a stroller) The cafes in Central Park are all good... Pretty much ANYTHING on the West Side.. Even the pubs are great about allowing babies- just no small kids which could be an issue if Elenora is in tow. If Elenora is along, there are all sorts of museums and stuff that she might be interested in. I think there's even a baby museum out in brooklyn somewhere.

    AVOID cabs. No carseats. It's illegal even though the cabbies won't tell you that. Your safest bet is a lightweight stroller for Elenora and a baby carrier of some sort for the wee one. You'll have to fold up the stroller for riding on busses.

    Serendipity is a few blocks south of me- and they're very family friendly as one of the other commenters mentioned.

    There's also a restaurant in the E. 60's that's very kid friendly. I think it's called "Alice's Teacup" It's on either 63rd or 64th near Lex.

    As a general rule of thumb- the places that are the most BFing friendly are those that are run by or staffed by people from other countries. Indian food places, Chinese, Japanese, etc. Not that I've EVER had anyone ask me to move or cover up-- but in the immigrant-run places no one even seems to notice, and will often smile at the baby while the baby is latched on.

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