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Friday, April 20, 2007

Looking for a great present for a mom you know that takes eleventy billion digital pictures each year?

How about a digital picture frame?

Yes, I know this has nothing to do with breastfeeding, but it does have to do with what Greg got me for my birthday this year.

He bought me the Westinghouse 8" Digital Photo Frame and we loaded it up with about 100 images last night. The picture quality is fantastic on the LCD screen and the photos are about the size of a 5x7 picture.

You can run vertical or horizontal shots on it and can also run pictures one at a time, or in a mosaic view. We set the delay to about 3 seconds and set it on the dry sink in the living room. Every time I walk by, it has another picture of the kids or the family.

Absolutely awesome.

As you can imagine, Elnora loves it.

The cool thing about this is that it lets me show off all those fantastic pictures of the kids that I never get around to having printed. You download the images off of a simple Flash drive, so every time I take a new batch, I can dump some old pictures and throw on some new ones.

They're not cheap, but if you take as many pictures as I do, they're certainly a great gift.


  1. Blogger MamaBean | 1:04 PM |  

    We wanted to get one of these for my grandparents so they could enjoy pictures of their one and only great grandchild but the major drawback (besides the expense) was getting the pictures TO them (they live on the other side of the continent).

    If anyone has gotten around this problem let me know - I'd love to get one of these cool gadgets for them!

  2. Blogger Jennifer | 1:07 PM |  

    If you get one like mine, you could just mail them a flash drive. Get two and just send them back and forth through the mail.

    If you set it up before you send it to them, all they have to do is plug it in and turn it on. It will read whatever images are in the flash drive.

    (You don't have to copy them over, I just keep the flash drive plugged in...)

  3. Blogger Jenny | 1:15 PM |  

    I've been a devotee since your pork scandal, and I'm tagging you with the Thinking Blogger Award.

  4. Blogger Jennifer | 1:37 PM |  

    Hey! Thanks Jenny!

  5. Blogger The Fluffy Ewe | 7:04 PM |  

    Oh I saw one of those at the store who's logo is the yellow tag. They are wonderful! I wanna get one for Momma's Day, well that and a new camera. Lol

  6. Anonymous Smooches | 12:08 PM |  

    mamabean - here is a digital photo frame that you can you can update from anywhere in the world, it is a bit more expensive but you can send new pics daily. http://www.ceiva.com/cstore/ct/cstore_catalog.jsp

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