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Annie's Natural Sale at Amazon

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Tuesday, April 24, 2007


One of the issues I have with buying organic is that things are just so darn expensive. Sure, I can sometimes find them on sale and I stock up, but still...this stuff isn't cheap.

Two of the things that we've switched over in the last few months are macaroni and cheese (one of the few things that Elnora will consistently eat) and goldfish crackers, which are her favorite snack.

Annie's Natural's sells both of these, but they tend to be fairly expensive. Today, while shopping at Amazon to buy a Mr. Bento (yay!) when I noticed that Amazon is also having a sale on some Annie's Natural's products as well. If you use coupon code ANNIES77 by April 30th, you can get $10 off $39 worth of selected products.

I ended up buying a 12 pk Annie's Natural Organic Macaroni and Cheese and a 12 pk of Annie's Homegrown Cheddar Bunnies. When I did the math, it ended up being a little more than a $1 a box for the mac and cheese and $1.66 a box for the cheddar bunnies. Not bad at all! Plus since the order was over $25, I got free shipping.

Might be worth stocking up if any of you guys like Annie's Natural's stuff. There's quite a bit included in the sale.


  1. Anonymous janisfan | 8:41 AM |  

    Have you heard about the new study that says BF does not prevent adult obesity?


  2. Anonymous kort | 7:00 PM |  

    ...and if you visit Amazon through kellymom.com, that wonderful site will get a bit of money too!

  3. Blogger Jennifer | 7:04 PM |  

    lol...OR...you could visit through my site and help me pay the bills. ;)

  4. Anonymous amygeekgrl | 9:11 PM |  

    thanks for the tip. i had no idea you could buy annie's stuff thru amazon.

    now the dilemma - support kellymom or jennifer?? ;)

  5. Anonymous kort | 5:25 PM |  

    sorry, Jennifer...didn't realize you could link through your site. duh. glad you're laughing!

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