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Update - Video of Supernanny Preview

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Sunday, March 11, 2007

I want to say thanks to Lactivist reader Maria who just sent me a link to a video she uploaded of the Supernanny season finale preview.

As I watched the video, I was thinking to myself...hmm...I *could* be right. It looks like this may be more about the fact that mom is spending such an exhorbitent amount of time carrying or nursing her 14 month old that she's actually being neglectful of the other children.

Then I heard the last voice-over from the announcer where he says "someone get this kid a bottle" and I started to have doubts again.

I guess we'll wait and see.

I'll be back tomorrow night with my commentary and I'll hope that Maria might also be able to record the specific clips that relate to breastfeeding so that anyone that misses the show has a chance to watch them.


  1. Anonymous Aradia Paganus | 12:32 PM |  

    You know the producers of this show are getting just what they wanted. Mothers who are ambivilent about breastfeeding will fund the networks formula sponsers, while breastfeeding mothers and lactivists of all sorts will be tuning in to the show and will up the ratings, so more corporate sponsers will buy commercial time.

    And to think one of the purposes of the sling, wrap, etc it to allow a breastfeeding child access to the breast-- while a mother gets other things done-- like caring for older children, etc.

    This show is taking an issue of family discpline and disorganization and blaming breastfeeding and attachment. Gah!

  2. Anonymous Anonymous | 2:20 PM |  

    I'm concerned about this show as well. There's already so much misinformation and misunderstanding about breastfeeding, and this may add fuel to the fire. I'm proud that I've been able to tune out naysayers and I'm continuing to feed my now almost 21-month-old daughter. As long as she needs it is fine with me. And she's starting to turn it down sometimes...all in good time.

    Theda K.

  3. Anonymous Anonymous | 7:16 PM |  

    It really appeared to me that they were pressuring her to wean. I think she was about 18 months, maybe younger, and said that the little girl didn’t need to be using mom as a pacifier. So what did they do? They gave her a cushy pillow, positioned her where mom would normally be, and stuck a bottle in her mouth. I didn’t catch the whole episode because we were coming back from baptism class, but the little girl was screaming as they were trying to get her to take a bottle. Both mom and child were very reluctant to wean, but did so out of convenience. Personally, I don’t see the convenience in that at all! Did anyone see the whole thing? I’m curious to know if there was anymore background to it.

  4. Anonymous Amanda H | 8:01 PM |  

    I just watched the Supernanny finale. I am outraged. I actually cried watching that baby want to nurse and being refused. She convinced that mother that breastfeeding her baby at 14 months was wrong and weird. And I wonder how many new moms or uneducated (on bfing) moms will wean early now after seeing that episode! Lactivists have been desperately trying to make breastfeeding popular and accepted again and no telling how much "supernanny" (whom has no children and has NEVER breastfed) has set us all back in our efforts!

  5. Blogger Jennifer | 8:49 PM |  

    To note, I've just put up my full post with my comments about the show.

    Let's push the discussion over to that thread, ok?

  6. Anonymous Walabio | 12:36 AM |  

    Before you found the milkbank, ¿why did you throw away your milk? I would have drank it. ¿Why did noy you and your husband drink your milk?

  7. Blogger Jennifer | 6:43 AM |  

    "Before you found the milkbank, ¿why did you throw away your milk?"

    Because my child didn't need it, my freezer was full, I knew no one with an infant that could use it and No, neither I nor my husband had ANY desire to drink it ourselves.

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