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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Sorry, random rant.

The news just had a preview for tonight...

"Could Daycare make your child smarter? At What cost?...Find out how new studies show that children that attend day care may be smarter than those that don't, we'll also tell you about some of the problems that may come from day care."

Wow! You mean that the choices we make in life have both pros AND cons?

No way!


  1. Blogger Stacie | 10:47 AM |  

    Pros AND cons? And here I thought everything was totally black and white. Silly me.

  2. Anonymous Lisa V | 11:05 AM |  

    I haven't seen the study reported this way yet- the positive attribute the lead story. I've only seen the negative attribute- disruptive behavior as the primary lead, with vocabulary as the secondary.

    I feel like all this becomes white noise- these stories never offer any solutions or seem to motivate people to look for them. Not everyone can stay home and not everyone wants to.

  3. Blogger Judy | 11:40 AM |  

    I saw the story already, or some version of it.

    Day care kids tend to worse behavior in the classroom in the elementary years, but their vocabulary is better.

    And, shockingly the better quality the care the better the results for the child. (This was actually included in the version I saw)

  4. Blogger Lesley | 12:27 PM |  

    I second your sigh.

    I am an early childhood educator and can tell you that daycare is not going to make your kid smarter. A quality early education environment absolutely can. Can that be found in a daycare? Absolutely. But having your child in daycare does not guarantee that your child is getting a quality early education. You have to research it and weigh all your options before making a decision on where you place your child.
    Very tired of people looking for easy answers.
    BTW, thank you for this blog, I read it every day and truly enjoy it!

  5. Blogger Jennifer | 3:06 PM |  

    Wow! Imagine that! Get your kid high quality care and it might actually result in better outcomes than leaving them with a crack whore.

    Sometimes I wonder if people need a good whack in the head with the obvious stick.

  6. Blogger tiny-dog | 8:49 PM |  

    Hee hee. Definitely sick of the day-care (day-scare?) genre of info-tainment reporting. Both pros and cons indeed. That sums up day care perfectly.

  7. Blogger analisa_roche | 7:35 PM |  

    News. Ick. ;)

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