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Movement on Oklahoma Breastfeeding Bill

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Monday, March 19, 2007

There's potentially good news for working moms that breastfeeding in Oklahoma. After suffering from problems last session that resulted in a severely watered down version of the bill, House Bill 2372 is headed to the floor for a full House vote. If it passes, it will move on to the Senate.

The bill calls for businesses with more than 25 employees to make "reasonable effort" to provide a location for breastfeeding mothers to express their milk and also requires them to offer 30 minute (unpaid) breaks for either expressing milk or breastfeeding.

Oklahoma moms are encouraged to contact their state representatives and state senators to encourage them to vote for the bill.


  1. Anonymous Anonymous | 5:24 PM |  

    Don't know who your legislators are? Enter your address here and find out:

    Find your representatives at: http://www.capitolconnect.com/oklahoma/default.aspx

  2. Anonymous Anonymous | 5:25 PM |  

    Link to find out who your OK Legislators are:

    Find your representatives at: http://www.capitolconnect.com/oklahoma/default.aspx

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