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Friday, March 09, 2007

It's been a busy few weeks here at the Laycock household. While Elnora has been perfecting her drawing, Emmitt is learning to crawl and sit.

He's about 5.5 months this week and while he just rolled over for the first time about two weeks ago, he's already buggered right along into the "I'm not crawling, but I can still end up 8 feet away in a matter of minutes" stage. He doesn't quite have the coordination to get his belly off the ground yet...(though at 20+ pounds, maybe he just doesn't have the STRENGTH to get his belly off the ground) but he can creep backwards pretty well.

He also managed to sit on his own for the first time today. Yay! Sometimes Greg and I will sit him up at our feet with our legs on either side of him so that he can play while sitting up. Today, I moved away to see how long he could stay like that. Turns out, he made it a good 8 or 9 seconds.

He fell over when I went to get the camera. (Much like Paris Hilton...)

When I came back, he not only stayed upright long enough for me to snap some photos, but he also held out long enough for me to get a little video. Since I'm now a big "Hey, let's embed a YouTube video" fan, here's Emmitt's first foray into the world of sitting up. (You'll note that Elnora makes a brief cameo appearance. And no, that's not a pacifier, that's one of the toothy smiles from her Mr Potato head, she thinks it's hysterical to put them in her own mouth.)


  1. Anonymous Rosomaqa | 2:23 PM |  

    He is SO CUTE.

    I didn't realise Emmitt and my Z are only 4 days apart. For some reason I've been thinking he's at least a month younger. She was born on September 24 (also a big one - 4,130 kg, ie 9lb 1oz, but longer - 59cm, ie 23,5 inches; now she's less than 15lb).

    Though Z. has been rolling over for months, she is not yet sitting up by herself. But, I think she's currently going through some gross motor skills growth spurt. This was manifested yesterday, when she managed to launch herself off ther couch onto the hardwood floor - from reclining in a boppy-type pillow (it was my mother who left her alone "for a second", but it just as easily might have be me). Z. was protected against a side roll-off, so she must have been swinging herself forward into a sitting position. This was her first fall ever. *shudder*.

  2. Blogger Meg | 5:21 PM |  

    WHAT A FINE LOOKING LAD! good job mama!

  3. Blogger The Fluffy Ewe | 7:19 PM |  

    My lil guy was born September 5th. :) He starting to sit up, too, but hasn't figured out how to roll onto his belly from his back. I suspect a cloth diaper and thunder thighs are the culprit.

    Big boy! We have one too. 20lbs 9 oz on Tuesday. Dontcha love those big chubby babies? :) I bet he'll be sitting unassisted by the end of next week. :) WTG!!

  4. Blogger heidi | 8:45 PM |  

    Oh, he's beautiful! (So is Nora.. silly potato head girl.) You rock on with your chunky monkey- I think I make 2% milk... erg.

  5. Blogger stephanie | 10:11 AM |  

    He is so precious! 20+ pounds. Wow - you are a rock star nursing mother! My baby boy is 20 pounds and 16 months. Thank goodness for the new WHO weight charts - because he had literally fallen off of the old ones.

  6. Blogger Andrea | 6:17 PM |  

    He his precious!
    BTW, my Aaron is 10 months old, 20 lb.s and STILL not crawling!Ofcourse, he can get across the floor via army scoot just as fast as any crawler!

  7. Blogger Shelly | 6:53 AM |  

    soooo cute:0)

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