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Coke With Sugar

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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Yep, you heard me.

I have 24 cans of it in the trunk of my car as I type this.

Coke...REAL coke...with SUGAR instead of High fructose corn syrup.

How did I manage that, you ask?

Apparently the Coca-cola company puts out "Kosher Coke" each year before the Passover season. (I never knew corn wasn't kosher, but apparently it's not.) They release Coke made with sucrose instead of HFCS in areas of high Jewish population in 2 liter bottles and six-packs of cans.

I spent all morning calling around to the grocery stores in the two suburbs that have high Jewish populations and while most of them were already sold out, I found a Kosher market that had just received a shipment.

So into the car went Elnora, Emmitt and I and off to Bexley we drove.

Cost me $3.29 per six-pack, but I came home with four of them. I'll just have to spread them out so they last me a few months.

Mmmm....Coke that doesn't break my HFCS ban.

Incidentally, I've also learned that many Mexican groceries carry Mexican coke, which is also made with sugar instead of HFCS...even comes in glass bottles.


  1. Blogger Judy | 12:07 PM |  

    You'd better share! I told you about this!

  2. Blogger Elizabeth | 12:32 PM |  

    Mexican coke is so much better than american coke!

  3. Blogger Jennifer | 12:38 PM |  

    Of course it's better! It's made with real sugar. :)

    That's why the Coke we remember from growing up was better...they didn't switch to HFCS until the mid-to-late 80's.

    Saves them about $6 million a year.

  4. Anonymous Anonymous | 1:44 PM |  

    Two things:

    1) Not all Mexican Coke is made with sugar. I bought some in glass bottles at a Mexican grocery store a few months ago, and it had HFCS just like all other Coke.

    2) I'm not sure that corn isn't kosher, but I think there's a stricter set of kosher rules during Passover. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.


  5. Blogger Rachel | 2:58 PM |  

    Drat. I'm in Nashville, and apparently we don't have enough people to warrant it.

  6. Anonymous Rattling the Kettle | 4:33 PM |  

    Corn is perfectly kosher, it's just not kosher for Passover. Why corn is considered "hametz", I'm not really sure, since hametz originally referred to leveners (because the Israelites didn't have time to let the dough rise as they were preparing to flee Egypt, hence matza).

    Anyway, Coke is bad for you!

  7. Anonymous Debby | 2:01 PM |  

    Does it still have caffiene? That was the first drug I got out of my system six years ago when I had my first kid, and I can't go back now. But mmm, I sure love a Coke every so often...

  8. Blogger Judy | 2:01 PM |  

    I read that any grains are not Kosher for Passover because processing them can produce trace amounts of alcohol.

    Hopefully that's correct.

  9. Blogger Jennifer | 2:25 PM |  

    Yeah, it does...

    Now if only they'd make caffine free coke with sugar...

  10. Anonymous Gaye | 4:09 PM |  

    I know this post is a couple of months old, but I thought of it immediately when I was at Costco today. My Costco is now carrying cases of Mexican Coke, made from cane sugar! I got a case of 24 bottles for $18. I don't drink pop all that often anymore, but I just couldn't resist trying it out. It might be worth checking to see if your local Costco is carrying it, too.

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