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With all the new readers...

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Thursday, February 08, 2007

I thought it might be a good idea to revisit a few classic Lactivist posts...you know, so that they can catch up to everyone else in terms of what's going on here...

So, if you're new, here's where you can go to catch up.

On Childbirth...
Emmitt Charles Home Birth Story
Home Birth vs. Hospital Birth: Issues of Responsibility

On Breastfeeding...
Blazing the Breastfeeding Trail
Tandem Feeding
Possible Side Effects May Include...

On Milk Donation...
Casual Sharing of Breastmilk
Donating Breastmilk: Know Who You Are Sending It To
How to Become a Milk Donor

How it all began...


  1. Blogger Jennifer | 8:03 AM |  

    Yeah yeah, so my computer got a little publish happy.

    Only one version now folks...sorry about that. :)

  2. Anonymous amygeekgrl | 8:09 PM |  

    thanks for linking to all of those posts. i enjoyed reading them. :)
    i, too, had a hospital birth w/ my DD and then an amazing homebirth (with an amazing midwife) with my DS in november. my son was a surprise breech birth too, so it made for quite the interesting birth, but it all turned out perfectly. also, i took hypnobirthing classes before my DD was born. i think that preparation helped me a lot for both births.

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