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When you want to have your milk and thumb suck too...

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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Elnora was never a sucker. (Even today, you try to pull a prank on that girl and she's way ahead of you...) She never took a pacifier, never sucked her thumb, heck, you could hardly get her to suck a bottle down and those bottles were filled with tasty milk of the mother variety. That's yet one more reason why Emmitt has been such a shock.

This kid is a sucker. Not your garden variety, hey I think I'll chew on that sucker, but an all-kinds-of-crazy mother sucker.

He spent the first six weeks of his life nursing around the clock. He spent the next six weeks of his life nursing as much as he could and sucking his thumb the rest of his time. Made me wonder what the third round of six weeks held in store...

Apparently, like George Castanza he's working on some weird attempt to combine all of his passions into one experience. The kid has taken to trying to suck his thumb WHILE nursing.


He'll be going to town, enjoying himself a nice serving of boob juice and I'll be typing away or watching TV or talking to someone. All of a sudden I hear "smack! slurp! smack! erp!" I'll look down and the kid is doing everything in his power to shove that thumb into his mouth without breaking his latch.

He's talented.

Now I've heard plenty of tales of nursing contortionists but I've never heard moms talk about trying to shove thumbs, fingers (whole hands?) into their mouths while nursing. Am I the only one, or are your little suckers a little bit strange as well?

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  1. Blogger MamaBean | 12:07 PM |  

    I've got one of those! She chooses fingers over thumb but often tries to get more than one in there. And sometimes she only goes back to the juice because she is getting hosed in the face. Sigh.

    Isn't it amazing how different two kids in the same family can be? I'm tempted to have another one just to see how they'll be different!

  2. Blogger Hot Librarian | 2:26 PM |  

    My 3 month old does this! It's like she's torn between boob and thumb and it's made getting her to eat for more than 2 or 3 minutes a chore. Glad she's not the only one.

  3. Blogger Judy | 2:31 PM |  

    One way I know if Catie is hungry is if she sucks on her fingers (all at once it's so cute) but she quits once the boob's in there.

  4. Blogger beth | 5:36 PM |  

    My 19 month old still does that! She'll try to drink from her juice sippy and nurse at the same time. Crazy!

  5. Blogger Leah | 5:45 PM |  

    D. doesn't suck her fingers, but she does try to shove them in her mouth while nursing. It is a great motivator to keep her nails short, let me tell you what...

  6. Anonymous Anonymous | 10:36 PM |  

    My baby did that on her first day! shes not really a thumbsucker, but she was a constatant nurser (and still nurses a LOT). :)

  7. Blogger Jonathan & Kaethe | 7:53 AM |  

    I just stumbled upon your blog and I love it! My 7-month old daughter likes to hold her pacifier while she nurses and last week tried to put that in her mouth while nursing. She also has been known to try to put two pacifiers in her mouth at the same time. Double-fisting, maybe?

  8. Anonymous Becca | 11:44 AM |  

    My 3 month old does the same thing. He tries to get his whole fist in his mouth while he's nursing. And when he has a pacifier he knocks it out trying to get his fist in there with it and then he freaks out because the pacifier is gone. I should have expected it from the baby who nursed for two and a half hours after his circumcision. He's a sucker.

  9. Anonymous amygeekgrl | 12:57 PM |  

    aww, that is so cute. :)

    i think our kids are pretty close in age. my daughter is 2 1/2 and my son is 11 weeks. is your daughter still nursing?

  10. Blogger Jennifer | 2:15 PM |  

    Yep, pretty close. Nora turned 2 in November and Emmitt just hit 4 months last week...

    Elnora never nursed. I exclusively pumped for her for about 13-14 months. She never had formula, but she got all her milk from a bottle. Emmitt's my first experience actually breastfeeding.

    That said, you may find this post interesting...


  11. Blogger Shay | 3:37 PM |  

    My son will be four months old on the 22nd. He's a sucker. For the first six weeks, he nursed every 90 minutes for no less than 10 minutes. He has only recently taken a pacifier but he spends most of his time sucking on his hands. The most annoying part is trying to trap one hand with one arm and hold the other hand with my free hand. T keep him from trying to put hand and nipple in his mouth - which leads to milk everywhere. Oh and when he doesn't get his way he likes to claw my boob.

    Good thing he's cute.

  12. Blogger Mother Laura | 6:04 PM |  

    I know that at least one or two of my three occasionally did this, but none was a regular thumb sucker so it happened rarely enough I don't remember which. (Katie Rose, the youngest weaned herself a year ago at 3yrs, 1 month, and didn't do it in the later stages, so it's been quite a while).

  13. Blogger Stacie | 1:35 PM |  

    My daughter did that for a while. She seems to have figured out it doesn't really work.

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