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Valentine's Day is Coming Up...

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Friday, February 09, 2007

Ok, I don't usually post stuff outside the realm of being a mom, but this one just begged to be passed on to your ladies. (yeah, and the few men that read too...I know you're out there.)

A friend of mine is the jewelry designer behind Carrie D. Mader out in San Francisco. High quality stuff, like what you might pick up at the counter at Saks or Neiman Marcus (ha! if I could even afford to walk into those stores...) Anyway, she's running a contest for Valentine's Day that gives bloggers a chance to win their favorite piece.

Her site features stories about women's lives for every one of her pieces. (Think of the J. Peterman catalog on Seinfield...) Her contest is for bloggers to write up their own "story" around their favorite piece. The winner gets the piece they wrote about. So, here's my entry...more details on how to enter follow...

She awoke to the sound of rhythmically squeaking springs in the room above her. It'd had been a long, restless night, and she wanted nothing more than a couple extra minutes of sleep. Unfortunately, the girl on the second floor didn't seem to give much thought to the sleep needs of other people in the building.

She glanced over at her snoring companion and watched his chest heave with a little sigh. He had that amazing ability to sleep through anything...the springs above didn't seem to phase him in the slightest. She heaved a sigh of defeat and rolled out of bed. He'd be awake soon and her few moments to herself would be over, better make the most of it.

As she headed to the bathroom to take a quick shower, she glanced at her dresser. Sitting there in that signature green box was the "Olivia." The beautiful pearl and gemstone lariat that she'd ordered for herself just last week. She looked back at the bed, thinking of how much he'd enjoy fingering the dainty rhodolite garnets and the pink tourmaline stones as he gazed into her eyes that evening.

Still, the sound of "sproing, sproing, sproing, sproing" ran out the refrain from above.

It was enough to snap her out of her trance. She headed to the second floor stairs and bolted up them. Glancing down the hall, she spotted the door and threw it open. There was a scream...of glee. Her two year old daughter shouted "MA!" as she continued to jump up and down while holding on to the side of her crib.

"You never let up, do you Nora?"

A quick diaper change and a set of clean clothes later, they headed back downstairs where she woke the slumbering boy from his dreams.

"It's time to get up little guy, it's a brand new day."

LOL...see? I told you I wasn't good at pulp. ;)

Want to take your own shot at winning a Valentine's Day surprise for yourself? Go to the Carrie D Mader site and pick out your favorite piece from her new Valentine's Day collection. Then, using that piece, write up your own story (maybe a little more romancy that I went for, LOL) and post it on your blog. Make sure you include a picture of the piece and a link back to the product.

Then drop an email to Carrie and include the URL of the post. On Valentine's Day, she'll pick her favorite and the winner gets the piece they wrote about.

Know anyone else that has a great imagination? Tell them about it too...


  1. Blogger ~j | 7:08 AM |  

    Do the perky boobs come with the necklace? If so, YOUR ON!

  2. Blogger Jennifer | 7:12 AM |  


    What's funny is when I saw that pic on the site, my first thought was "oh, wow, a nursling would LOVE to play with that!"

    LOL...funny what the image of breasts now conjures up in MY head. ;)

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