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Things You Never Think You'll Say

Looking for The Lactivist? She's retired. But you CAN still find Jen blogging. These days, she's runs A Flexible Life. Join her for life, recipes, projects and the occasional rant.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

(If you're new here...these posts pop up now and then...usually within a few minutes of me saying something that I really never dreamed I'd say.)

"No, you may NOT take the sandwich in the closet!!"

Said to Elnora who tried to sneak into the coat closet to play with half a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in her hands...

(Incidentally this was followed later on by "Get your sandwich out of the bus!" as she once again tried to sneak in to play while eating.)


  1. Anonymous Anonymous | 10:29 AM |  


    Here's a conversation I never thought I'd be having:

    Me: Jason, what are you doing in the closet?
    Jason: Making a poopy.
    Me: Do you want to try to make a poopy on the potty?
    Jason: No, I want to poopy in the closet!

  2. Blogger Jennifer Laycock | 10:40 AM |  


    I have no idea why she's become fascinated with the closet, I guess it's the small space thing?

    We also got these cute flashlight lanterns for when we have power outages, so she can take one of those in there.

    Upcoming post about closets and hide n seek. ;)

  3. Blogger Beth @ The Natural Mommy | 12:23 PM |  

    My baby (ok, 19 months) loves the closet too. Sometimes she scares me because I can't find her anywhere, then I open up our bedroom closet door and there she is, squished between the laundry baskets giving me this huge "You found me!" grin.

  4. Blogger Elizabeth F. | 5:58 PM |  

    To my son and daughter:

    "Stop that right now! We do not lick each other's tongues!"

    Yes, this really happened with my 3 and 5 year olds. LOL!

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