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The morning/mourning of...

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Monday, February 19, 2007

Just stopping in again to check email and publish comments to the blog. (Have to give my hair half an hour in a towel before I can blow dry it, so good excuse to hop online.)

I'll have a really long post later tonight or maybe tomorow, but wanted to thank folks for the input on the taking Emmitt or leaving him thing. The funeral is at the nursing home. (because there is an extra hour of calling hours this morning and since there's more than two feet of snow here, moving her to the church didn't seem like a good idea...also not having graveside services.) Even if it was at the church, it wouldn't be a big deal to nurse him there, this is the type of church where if you nurse the old ladies look lovingly at the baby and give you those knowing smiles. Plus the pastor's wife (who happens to be my midwife's sister) nursed all three of her girls through services as they were growing up.

We decided that we'll take Elnora and Emmitt with us to calling hours this morning, but that Greg will run them down the street to the church (and babysitters) about twenty minutes before the funeral starts. That way I can nurse Emmitt at the funeral home right before Greg takes him to the church. We should be at the church for the dinner not more than an hour or two after that so he should end up being fine for that long. I'll send a bottle but he still holds out as long as he can when offered one. (That's my little boob man!)

In the meantime, everyone is holding up pretty well. My dad and uncle are still working mostly on keeping busy, but they're doing well. Grandpa tears up now and then (understandable when you lose your wife of almost 65 years) but he also seems relieved in knowing that she's not in pain anymore.

By the way, I wanted to say a quick thanks to my readers. I've really enjoyed making the transition from "breastfeeding blog" to "mommy blog with a focus on breastfeeding" over the past six months and I really appreciate that my audience seems to not only be ok with that, but has expanded and become even more talkative in the comments. Thanks for indulging me.


  1. Blogger heidi | 6:52 AM |  

    I wanted to leave a quick note for you sending your family love and blessings- I am definitely one of the readers who enjoys the mommyblog aspect as well as your lactivism. My prayers and thoughts are with you.

    Also, on a lighter note, good for you working out the nursing issues during the funeral. My husband's granny passed away when our baby Molly was 6 weeks old. I was still so shy about nursing I gave her bottles, didn't pump, and nearly exploded- my bra, pads, shirt, and seatbelt were soaked after the drive home. Silly newbie.

  2. Blogger Jennifer Lance | 7:57 AM |  

    I really enjoy your blog and am sorry to hear about your loss. I was extremely sick in the first trimester with my first child when my grandmother passed away. It was really hard to control my emotions. I have recommended your blog to my blog readers: http://ecochildsplay.blogspot.com/2007/02/recommended-blog.html

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