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Just a Quick Post

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Sunday, February 18, 2007

As I sit here on the full size bed in my old room hooked up to the milking machine (a.k.a. my PISA)

Anyone ever notice how hard it is to find dress clothes that are easily accessible to nurslings? I know that Motherwear and other online companies have some great options, but I mean like...you are packing to leave in a few hours, you've lost enough weight that you weigh less than when you were pregnant, but when you try to wear your pre-pregnancy dress clothes the effect of your post-partum stomach makes you look like you belong on Jerry Springer...and yet...you need clothes for calling hours and a funeral?

Got in to town at 4:00pm. Headed out at 5pm with my cousin to try and find clothes. Great success at our first stop until I realized that I'd picked out a button up shirt and a suit vest. Yeah...I'm sure my very conservative family will just love it if I unbutton both my vest and my shirt to give Emmitt access. LOL

Next challenge...finding a pullover top that's both dressy enough and LONG enough (I'm tall through the torso.)

I finally found two shirts, both very nice, very dressy and actually long enough. (And hey! One of them came off the clearance rack for $12!) So poor little Emmitt gets to eat after all. ;)

The tough part now is deciding whether to try and take him to the funeral or to leave him with the babysitters that have been arranged for at the church. (Oddly enough, my midwive's three nieces...) Greg and my grandmother (the one that's still alive of course) will take shifts watching them during the two sets of calling hours today. Thankfully the funeral home is literally at the end of my parent's street so I can nurse him, head down for the first two hour set, come home and nurse him and go back for the next two hour stint. It's just deciding what to do about the funeral tomorrow.

(No, I didn't forget Elnora. She's staying home and going to the baby sitters, she's watched them before and all her cousins will be there as well, so I don't mind leaving her...but Emmitt's the only one small enough to not be walking, so I'm hesitant on leaving him...)

Ok, full milk bottles, off I go. (And a sincere thanks to everyone for their kind words, prayers and thoughts!)

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  1. Anonymous Angela | 10:37 AM |  

    My toddler did really well at the funeral I attended in November (I wrote about "The All-Purpose Coping Tool" which, of course, is breastfeeding!) I guess it depends on Emmitt's nap schedule (it would be nice if he'd sleep in your arms through the service) and whether or not you'd be comfortable nursing in the church. No one raised an eyebrow when I breastfed all throughout the service at the Quaker church in Minnesota :)

  2. Blogger Cairo Mama | 12:03 PM |  

    The On-The-Go Wrap Around Dress from Motherwear is a great all-purpose dress for post-partum tummy. I certainly hope you don't have another funeral to attend anytime soon, but depending on accesories, you can wear it for almost every occasion.

  3. Blogger nurturing notes | 12:15 PM |  

    That's a tough one. Sometimes having a baby around can help people deal with the grieving process. On the other hand, it can distract them from the funeral (especially if Emmitt decides to laugh again). It's a hard call. What does your mother think about it?

    As for the clothes I can totally relate. I bet I'd be on Jerry Springer with you lol! Thanks to you, I won a gift certificate at Motherwear. I'm torn between buying a dress (I haven't worn any because of nursing) or a tank top or cami that I can layer with other clothes. I will probably go with what I can wear more often.

  4. Blogger Elizabeth F. | 6:02 PM |  

    My MIL passed away about 2 years ago. I had a nursling and was pregnant. It was horrible to find something to wear that was appropriate and maternity and have access. I also had to decide what to do with my nursling. He had separation issues, and I was terrified at leaving him to cry. But, it all worked out in the end. Many prayers to you and your family.

  5. Anonymous Csara | 5:34 AM |  

    My sincere condolences on the loss of your grandmother. It is never easy to lose a loved one no matter how much you expect it or whatever. What a beautiful thing that you wrote your grandparents such a letter years ago when they were able to read and appreciate it. I'm sure it meant the world to them. I am very close with my grandfather, but my grandmother, like yours, lost her mind quite a few years ago. It is heartbreaking!

    Well, again, I'm so sorry for your loss and just quickly wanted to say that I"m sure Emmitt will be fine if you left him while at the funeral. You will both probably be glad you did as funerals are not the most appropriate setting for babies. Just my 2cents - hope you don't mind me sharing. Take Care!

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