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You can't accuse my kids of being average...

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Friday, January 12, 2007

I've posted before about how interesting it is to see how the exact same milk can react in two different bodies. Elnora and Emmitt have been opposites from the start, but when it comes to size, the difference is astonishing.

At three months, Emmitt now weighs more than Elnora did at a year. (For the record, she was 16 pounds at a year, he's 17 pounds at 3 months.)

In fact, she only outweighs him now by about 3 pounds. Here's a shot of them laying on the floor next to each other after he got his bath...

It gives the extended family something to complain about though...one's too fat, one's too skinny. I should stop nursing Emmitt so much and I should force feed Elnora. Oh well, whatever makes them feel better.

Personally I'm debating telling them that we love Emmitt more, so we're saving all the food for him.

(I'm JOKING...geeze...put down the phone. I don't need CPS showing up at my house.)

How does that happen anyway? I mean I know milk is tailored to the child, but good grief. I though kids tended to get a mix of both parents genes. I didn't know one could get all the "super skinny" genes and the other could get the "linebacker" jeans.

He's gonna outweigh her in a month.

At least he can beat up anyone that messes with his big sister. Then again, if she's anything like me, I have a feeling that she probably won't need much in the way of defending...

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  1. Blogger Lindsey | 5:33 PM |  


    They are ADORABLE! Emmitt is indeed a big boy! Gabriel was that big at 3 months, too, and has always been a big boy. Sophia is proving to be more like your DD and is a lot smaller than he ever was. Yes, both fed from the same breasts, yet totally different.

    (I wanted to add, we corresponded by e-mail about 5 months ago when I was trying to find a homebirth mw for the baby we recently lost. I also live in Ohio! AND, am friends with Amanda-peeps,pips&Bo- from our August '05 birthboard.I know you as host on CBC. :) )

    I love your blog!

  2. Blogger Jennifer | 5:41 PM |  

    Hey! You're the person with the granola recipe on your site (stolen from Amanda, lol.)

    What's your screen name on CBC? Are you a lurker or a poster?

    Where are you in Ohio?

    I've been reading your blog. I like it. ;) I've added it to my feed reader.

    On a more sober note, I'm so VERY sorry to hear about you losing the baby. Having never gone through anything like that, I can't even begin to imagine it. My heart goes out to you.

  3. Anonymous Colleen | 6:44 PM |  

    They are beautiful!

  4. Blogger Carrie Lauth | 10:54 AM |  

    Well you do tend to have more milk the second time around, but I'm sure it's more than that. My first two, boys, were petite and skinny as older babies/toddlers. My 3rd, a girl, weighed 10 pounds at birth and although her brother is 23 months older, she weighs more! The 4th, a girl, is petite like her bros. Who knows? Genetics, methinks.

  5. Blogger Lindsey | 11:24 AM |  

    That's me! :) I didn't STEAL it from Amanda, she shared it! :P

    I'm "mama2oneboy&onegirl" on bbc, and I typically lurk on cbc. I've had two ncbs myself and we were planning a homebirth with the baby we lost.

    I'm about 45min-1hr north of Dayton. I'd tell you exact, but not here for the whole world to read! :)

    Thanks for your kind words on losing the baby. It was indeed the hardest thing of my life. We'll be ttc again come March, and I'm quite anxious about it all. Trying to keep my faith in God to take care of it all!

  6. Blogger Shelly | 7:10 PM |  

    Jen, it's the same way here. My three month old is currently 16.5 lbs. My two year old didn't weigh that much until she was nine months old. It's funny how milk works like that, huh?

  7. Blogger Jennifer | 8:02 PM |  


    Are you within an hour or so of Toledo? If so, I did find out that there are a few good Christian midwives up in the Toledo area. If/when you have need for them again, please let me know and I'll get names and numbers to you.

    Oh yeah and stop lurking so much on CBC and start talking. ;)

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