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Will Ferrell and Wife Viveca Paulin Plug Medela

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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I missed this, but now I wish I'd seen it...

Apparently, last night during the red carpet preview of the Golden Globes, Will Ferrell and his wife Viveca Paulin arrived sans their two week old baby but WITH Ferrell toting a Medela Classic breast pump. They ended up having a conversation with the interviewer about it and about Paulin's pumping schedule.


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  1. Blogger ContentWorth | 9:58 AM |  

    If you can find video footage on this would you post it?

    I tried to Google it and checked out YouTube but haven't found it.

    I've even watched E! in hopes of catching a glimpse.

  2. Anonymous Anonymous | 9:25 AM |  

    Will Ferrell rocks. When I first saw the picture, I was very impressed. One more step towards normalizing breastfeeding. Kudos to the Ferrell’s!

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