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Victory! Potty Time

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Thursday, January 25, 2007

It's darn hard to teach a kid that doesn't talk how to go to the potty. You *think* they get it, but you don't know because they can't tell you.

We started Nora with her potty about a month ago. We'd encourage her to sit on it with her pants on while we sat on the potty. About a week ago we got her to consistantly take her pants off to sit on the potty. (We'd always ask, she'd say no, so the pants stayed on.)

The last three days she has "asked" to go potty by pointing to the bathroom. We've tried, but no luck.

Today she took her pants off and brought me a diaper. She wasn't wet yet so I asked if she had to go. She nodded, so off we went.

Sure enough, we got about a full cup (geeze!) of pee in the little potty! We did a little dance and clapped and smiled and yelled Woo hoo!!

I'd imagine we may still have a long road to haul, but hey, it's a start. I'll take one small victory at a time. Besides, she's only 26 months, so I figure even if it takes six more months to get the hang of it, that's not bad. :)

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  1. Anonymous Jen | 4:43 PM |  

    Isn't that so exciting? We have been working on the potty thing since 18 months. Alisha pee'd on the floor so I sat her on the potty and she pooped. I bought her a kinder egg and she has pooped on the toilet ever since without asking. But pee is a whole other story. We have great weeks, so accidents, bad weeks with pee everywhere and no weeks where she will only wear a diaper !
    It is frustrating.
    By the way - I'm the one who asked if I could email you some questions for a class. Did you recieve them? I sent them about a week and a half ago, by my email is a little whacky.

  2. Blogger cooler*doula | 4:49 PM |  

    As a mom of another non-talker... You give me hope. That is great. Go Nora!!

  3. Blogger Melissa | 9:15 AM |  

    That's fantastic! Go go little Nora! (pun intended) :)

    Would love to hear your and your readers opinion on the diaper-free movement sometime . . .

  4. Anonymous Mary Jo | 7:00 PM |  

    Yeah! Baby steps is all we need. DS is a month or two older than Nora, and we've been reading potty books. Today he wanted his potty chair (which has been in the closet since our last playdate). I put it the bathroom and helped him out of this overalls and diaper. He spent the next hour sitting on the potty, forcing out a small amount of pee, picking up the cup part of the potty and poring the pee in the toliet, then flushing. Over and Over. What a fun game! Hopefully it turns from a game into something more. Kids . . . you never know what they're going to do!

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